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And the first TR-iPod winner is...

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·


Shelldon Chin-Sie, proud recipient of the first TR-iPod! He received
his own TR-branded iPod mini in exchange for his completed member

For those of you who may have forgotten, you could also win one of the
five remaining TR-iPods as part of TechRepublic's sixth birthday
celebration. Get the details here.

Got a comment, question, complaint, or kudos for the TechRepublic
community team? Post it in this discussion.

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He calls himself TheChas, but a better name might be The Answer Man, as
in over 8,000 Tech Q&A answers given out to fellow TechRepublic members
(not to mention a healthy 45% acceptance rate). A man of few words (see
his bio) but plenty of techno-mojo, get to know one of your most
generous IT peers by checking out his member profile.



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Several members have management listed as an interest, so we're not
surprised it has bubbled up as a discussion tag. Check out the complete
list of management-tagged discussions here.



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Have you ever wondered why some of TechRepublic's most active
discussion threads--the off-topic stuff about politics, religion, and
pop culture--never seem to appear on the Hot Discussions list, let
alone as featured discussions? Because we hide them, of course. Below
are the top five most active suppressed threads from the last week.
Join in on those discussions that are just "too hot for TR."

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I can just see it now

by jdclyde In reply to And the first TR-iPod win ...

The EL post will hit 3K by the end of the month now for sure!

Congrats Chas! Now what are you going to put ON that player?

Lots of info here, trying to make it look like you have been doing more than playing solitare all day? Good job. Some of us see what is done and like it.

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Hey man! Who won?

by ITgirli In reply to And the first TR-iPod win ...

Who won yesterday? I've been keeping my inbox clean waiting for an email! I win! I win! Please.

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Remember all of the legal stuff?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Hey man! Who won?

We're in the process of contacting the winner and getting all of the release forms submitted. We will post their name as soon as we get all of that "stuff" worked out.

Sorry for the suspense.

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I'm here now, though.

by ITgirli In reply to Remember all of the legal ...

I'll just say okay and you can send it to me, okay? I think that would work quite nicely.

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Big question!

by jdclyde In reply to Remember all of the legal ...

Why can't you just post their user name to start with? That is the only thing we really know most by anyways.

Announce that on Friday and the big write-up on Monday to start our week off.

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What constitutes "too hot"?

by deepsand In reply to And the first TR-iPod win ...

Purely subjective; or, perhaps, an objective measure of the size or growth rate of the thread?

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I think it must be

by jdclyde In reply to What constitutes "too hot ...

things that may hurt your feelings and make you take your ball and leave?

Things they thought would clear up if ignored? (What is that ooz? Better get that shot after all)

The yuks should be turned into a weekly feature! How many people go to humor (humour) sites for a lift? Gives you your one-stop-shopping if you get tech, discussion, and a laugh or two all at the same place.

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Non-IT or non-TR

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to What constitutes "too hot ...

Basically, "too hot" is shorthand for controversial or wildly nontechnical stuff. Basically, something we wouldn't want dominating the Hot Discussions list on an ostensibly IT-centered Web site.

That's not to say these threads have no place here. Every newspaper has a funnies page, and like most funny pages, our off-topic threads are almost invariably our most popular. That's why we have to suppress them from the Hot list and the abbreviated New list. As much as I enjoy watching the religious and political fireworks, they aren't front page material for a technology Web site.

Hope that clears it up.


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So was the title

by jdclyde In reply to Non-IT or non-TR

your brain child or someone elses?

Give us the inside dirt!

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by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to So was the title

I thought it up, though very little thought went into it.

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