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Another use for FDISK

By dkeggins ·
I received a Windows 2000 Professional about clearing disk signatures using FDISK. It reminded me of another use for FDISK that can ber very usefull for removing viruses. Boot viruses usually lie on the boot record of the hard drive, and I have experienced some on computers that don't have good antivirus software on them. Have a know clean boot disk with FDISK on it. After you boot to the command prompt, run FDISK /MBR to re-write the master boot record, overwriting the virus. Granted that the hard drive boot record is read during a DOS boot on a floppy, immediatly turn off the computer once the command prompt comes back preventing the virus to re-write itself if it managed to load up into memory during the boot process. I have had Windows 95/98 computers that would hang on the Windows Splash screen, just because a virus infected the boot record. This is an old trick, but will still work with most boot record viruses.

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