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Answers Disappearing

By willcomp ·
Answers that were submitted and verified as posted (by returning to question) have mysteriously disappeared later. In at least one case, answer reappeared several hours later.

This has happened to me at least 3 times in last few days.

What is happening?


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We're looking into it...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Answers Disappearing

It could be a clustering issue. We recently tweaked our clustering software. Let's see if we can't narrow the scope of the problem:

How long has this been occuring?

Is it just in Tech Q&A, or also in Discussions?

In Tech Q&A, does this occur in conjuction with commenting, responding, or both?

When this occurs, do you have multiple TR windows (or Firefox tabs) open simultaneously, or just one? This could point to a session replication issue.

Your help is really appreciated.


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Answers to your questions

by willcomp In reply to We're looking into it...

I have only noticed in TQ&A so far, but am not real active in discussions. May want to contact Oz on that one.

So far responding.

One session only open.

Hope this helps.


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Still Happening

by willcomp In reply to We're looking into it...


Any progress? Still occurring and it's rather frustrating when one takes time to answer and it just goes away. Question shows in my questions list, but answer isn't there.


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Close, very close

by debuggist Staff In reply to Still Happening

We have a patch to deploy, but that is tied to the deployment of something else.

It's coming real soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Move to Feedback Discussion Group?

by willcomp In reply to Answers Disappearing


Can you move this thread to Feedback area so that non-insiders can access?

I should have placed it there to begin with. Mea culpa.


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disappearing posts

by apotheon In reply to Answers Disappearing

I don't know if it's the same problem, but I've noticed problems with missing posts for a while, too. What I discover is that the posts can be viewed, are referenced in emails for my discussion subscriptions, and so on, but they don't appear in the post listing beneath the expanded currently-viewed post. Typically, the only way to make it visible again (if you know it's there at all) is to reply to the post, at which point it will appear in the thread hierarchy.

It's a particularly vexing problem at times. Any ideas?

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Well the plot thickens

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Answers Disappearing

I've just seen this posting on this particular thread

But it isn't on the thread so things are getting even worse and the rot is spreading.

Col ]:)

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