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Anti-Gay Kansas Church Cancels Protests at Funerals for Slain Amish Girls

By DanLM ·,2933,217760,00.html

OK, I know that there are people here on Tech Republic of many beliefs and disbeliefs. But I do not think any of us would ever think of disturbing a community that has suffered such a loss.

We have discussed freedom of speech many times on Tech Republic and privacy rights. My question, where does freedom of speech and the rights of someone to say what they feel go to far? Yes, if you yell I have a bomb on an airplane. It's considered too far. But, what about this and all the other vicious things that this church has done to dishonor people that have died?

We talk about the extremist mosoleums, well. I consider this church to be a prime example of the Christan extremists. My god, even if you do not believe in god. You must understand that the Amish are some of the most peaceful people in the United States. They have already forgiven the person that have taken their children from them and are going to visit his family to console the mother and children.

And these wackos have the gall to want to protest against these people.

OK, this was nothing but a rant of pure disgust and repulsion. And sadness. More sadness then anything else that someone that claims that are followers of Jesus Christ can have so much hate.

I'm done, I'll shut up now


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Now that is just

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Anti-Gay Kansas Church Ca ...

f'ed up.
Burying your kid and some nutball with a placard turns up to use the occasion!

Me I'd have dug 70 more holes and said come on down.

If you pass by their church go in ands sit with a sit with a silent h on one of the pews.

Place is already a cess pit.

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The thing is Tony

by DanLM In reply to Now that is just

The Amish are people of peace. I've been reading articles about them sense this happened. They are hard working, and they stay to themselves.

They do not fight, they do not go to war, they do not disturb people of other faiths. They are strict about how they follow their faith. They walk a fine line between technology and their religion, and from everything that I have read. They have been able to adhere to their religion.

They are a god fearing people that follow their religion as strictly as they can. And people of a faith, supposedly of the same god. Attack them like this? I just have no understanding

You don't want to know what I said to my friend when he showed me that article. And I won't repeat it, it was to disgusting and hateful.


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Aye well the only way you can live in

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The thing is Tony

peace is by kicking the crap out of people who disturb it.

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Modern day klan

by jdclyde In reply to Anti-Gay Kansas Church Ca ...

These people are the dregs of society and the worst America has to offer the world.

Wonder if the freedom guard will show up to stand between the family and the scum like they do at the military funerals?

Some people clearly are only alive because there is a law that keeps decent people from making the world a better place.

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I'm not surprised

by OnTheRopes In reply to Anti-Gay Kansas Church Ca ...

That's all I'm going to say.

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Whatever, these people claim they are NOT Christians

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Anti-Gay Kansas Church Ca ...

There is NOT one statement in the Bible by Jesus that says you should hate anyone, or hate homosexuals. These people are clearly a case of gene pool contamination, and it needs a dose of chloride.

I hope the people who give their time on the media, preferences their time with a statement like "Please turn off your radio/TV for an hour as we are about to be hit with bullsheet, from posteriors."

I'd let them send their protestors, declare the cemetary 'Family and invited friends only' and have lots of police on hand to arrest trespassers.

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Definitely radical

by NickNielsen In reply to Whatever, these people cl ...

Having a large religious curiosity, I browsed their site, and managed to do it without barfing, too! Almost all of the verses they use to justify their beliefs are taken from the Old Testament and the letters of Paul. Additionally, in true propogandistic form, almost all are taken out of context.

Their interpretation of the Golden Rule is that it only applies to the "true believers:" Love thy neighbor as thyself, but only if he believes the same as you.

The only difference I see between the "Reverend" Fred Phelps and Osama bin Laden is that Fred hasn't yet told his followers to kill the infidels.

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I was thinking this a primary example of another Waco Texas

by DanLM In reply to Definitely radical

At least the type of cult/religion/? that would cause another Waco Texas type of stand off with the goverment.

****, I was also thinking when will they do as you said with reference to BinLadin. Start teaching... Kill the non believers.


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Obviously they never read the Bible itself

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Definitely radical

Jesus said that all that was before is over and completed. Thus the Old Testament has NO bearing on Christain beliefs, it is only historical, not doctrinal. Christ taught that each has a relationship with God and can speak direct.

Paul wrote a few letters to people in response to specific problems, in most cases we have the replies and not the questions. Nor did he have the right to espouse doctrinal aspects that differ to those stated by Jesus. Yet he taught that priests had more right to talk to God than anyone else, hmm. A bit of movement away there.

And what makes you think that Fred is NOT telling his people to kill non-believers when the tape recorders aren't about? This is another Waco or Jamestown in the building.

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Fred Phelps needs a reality check

by jmgarvin In reply to Anti-Gay Kansas Church Ca ...

How can you f'up a simple concept like the Golden Rule? Phelps can!

"God Hates Fags" is the motto of his church and he seems to think that protesting at the funerals of service members that die in Iraq, he is proving a point.

The guy is slimy. He was recenly here in NM and we protesting a funeral of a service member that died in Iraq. He claimed that it was God's will because we "support" homosexuality in the US.

Screw him. If he doesn't like it, he needs to leave the greaving families out of it. God doesn't want you to hurt the weak and downtroden.

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