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Any "old" Arcade Gamers... I need help ;p

By mrafrohead ·
Hey, I have a stupid question and I know this really isn't the place for it, but I have hopes that some of the "geeks" here (like me) will have the answer that I am looking for.

Back in the mid 80's. There was this arcade game that I used to play.

I thought that the game was called:


Here's the thing though, I'm not positive of that anymore as I can't seem to find ANYTHING on it when I google it.

What I am hoping is that someone will know the name of the game that I am talking about and lemme know.

This is what the game was like.

It was a shooter game from a space craft that was in the first thirds of the screen. It was a silver craft that shot out lasers. On the first third of the screen it looked like you were on some kind of land like maybe a moon. I can't remember if the color of the land was grey or brown, but it was one or the other.

Then the other two thirds of the screen is where the aliens would come into the picture (the other two thirds were space) and they would fly down at you, and you had to kill them like any other game.

But before the "mother ship" would come out towards the end of a level, there was a star or moon that would glow brighter than the rest of them, and if you shot at that it was like some kind of cheat before the mother ship showed it's face.

That's about all I can remember, and I need to find this game so I can get it and show my kids what "real" video games were like.

Newho - if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

If this helps also, anyone that may have been in Osterholz, Germany during the 80's right before the wall came down, there was a YMC that had it behind the military commissary next to the new McDonald's at the time...

I know this is a shot in the dark, but with as small as the world really is, I'm hoping to be surprised again...


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Galaxtix or Galactica ???

by Black Panther In reply to Any "old" Arcade Gamers.. ...


In the era of Space Invaders, Pacman, Qix,


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Not this one.

by mrafrohead In reply to Galaxtix or Galactica ???

Thank you for the reply though.

It was out around that time, but not those two. :)

Actually, come to think of it, it was a little bit newer than those listed, but it was still in that era of arcade games.

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Missile Command?

by ITgirli In reply to Any "old" Arcade Gamers.. ...

That's the only one i can think of, but have you gone to They have a whole section for classic 80's arcade games.

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by Black Panther In reply to Missile Command?

What a brilliant game that was!

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by mrafrohead In reply to Missile Command?

I haven't. Didn't know of it, but I'll take a peak at it to see what else is there, as I now hav ewha tI was looking for. :)

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Maybe SiniStar?

by gralfus In reply to Any "old" Arcade Gamers.. ...

The mothership in this one is a giant laughing skull or something like that. Bizarro concept, but the shooting portion sounds similar to what you described. I don't think you meant Zaxxon, which was a pseudo-3d game.

There is an emulator called Mame32 that runs on Windows and you can find roms for nearly any game that was a console style, atari, and others. It is all "free" if you can find them on the net. Some of the download sites are a bit edgy with seedy adverts and such, that you definitely wouldn't want your kids around.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Maybe SiniStar?

Sinistar was better than that. The boss zoomed around in circles and could crash into you and I think you could could turn and move a bit like Asteroids. As I remember the sound and graphics were a bit later than game described. Yeah?

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by mrafrohead In reply to Maybe SiniStar?

Yeah, I experienced that today when I was looking AT WORK and had some Anime nip's staring me in the face.

All I have to say is thank goodness no one was around. I sure wasn't expecting that type of thing, or I would have waited and looked at home.

I just got over excited.

BTW - it was on the romnation site. Just DONT click on the vote buttons as that's where the pics show. Otherwise the site is clean.

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by GSG In reply to Maybe SiniStar?

Sinistar ROCKED! When sinistar was built he'd scream, "I Hunger! Run Coward, Run!" I loved that game.

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Chase the Baddie

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Sinistar

It wasn't one of my all time favs, but was always worth a few quarters.

Member that you could run round the screen chasing the baddie/head/spaceship thing. Did he not shoot homing missiles out at you?

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