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    Anybody But Bush can …. SIT DOWN!!!


    by dwdino ·


    It is shaping up to be a good morning!-

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      wait two weeks

      by wordworker ·

      In reply to Anybody But Bush can …. SIT DOWN!!!

      until they finish counting absentee and provisional ballots in Ohio. Then it’ll be official.

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        Not needed

        by dwdino ·

        In reply to wait two weeks

        Defeat admitted.

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          Concession != Defeat

          by ngit ·

          In reply to Not needed

          Technically, a concession has no legal weight. The votes still have to be counted. Kerry’s basically saying that he’s believes he won’t win and he’s not going to fight it.

          The twist is that there is a statistical probability, however improbable, that there may be enough votes for him to take Ohio. Again, highly improbable, but not impossible.

          Ultimately, it’s not until the Electoral College reports to Washington DC and submits their votes for their respective candidates that the election is fully finalised.

          I’ll stand by my opinion that the voting mechanism in the U.S. is really screwed up and really doesn’t offer the citizens a choice at all.

          Chocolate or Chocolate. Choose.

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      Proud of the simplest things aren’t you

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Anybody But Bush can …. SIT DOWN!!!

      like the ability to mark an x on a piece of paper and see it as a personal victory, whether at your country’s expense or not.

      Oh well, enjoy the next four, he will be history after that and something for democrats to compare your new candidates to, just as Repubs have dismissed Democrats because of Clinton.

      laugh it up Fudsy, it ain’t my funeral.

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        by protiusx ·

        In reply to Proud of the simplest things aren’t you

        William Jefferson Clinton broke the mold! He is the quintessential ?yard stick? that all American Presidents will be measured from here on out.
        Future elections will ask questions of their candidates like:
        ?When the rest of your country was at war against a communist power did you travel to the Soviet Union in order to avoid service??
        ?When serving as _______ did you have any kind of personal relations with an assistant or subordinate of any kind??
        Any question you like! Clinton will be the lowest common denominator. One can say ?Well at least I didn?t inhale? and that will be good enough. Well for that matter if one looks at the illustrious career of Marion Barry one can say ?Yeah that was me on the crack pipe! So what!?

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        by dwdino ·

        In reply to Proud of the simplest things aren’t you

        Since, barring some extreme change, we will never see eye to eye; I leave you this profound statement:

        One man’s floor is another man’s ceiling.

        I admire Bush for have solid beliefs and standing up for those beliefs. The alternatives over the past years (Clinton & Kerry specifically) have questionable (or absent) morals and no spine with which to hold them up.

        Give me a man who is solidly grounded and willing to hold to his beliefs in the face of adversity any day.

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          by sgt1035 ·

          In reply to Response

          Bush has a criminal record AND he’s an alchoholic, as the LEAST of it. He’s also changed his religion four (4) times. You don’t know much about him, do you?

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