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Anyone else get this e-mail?

By deepsand ·
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 07:17:52 AM EDT
From: "" <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Message from a TechRepublic Member


One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

From: Negasssi
Subject: Forgot password
Dear Deepsand,
I forgot my machines password (administrator password). From the profile I read about you, I am very confident that you will help me.
Your help will mean great in my life. All mine and my boss data is locked in the pc.
My Name is Negassi Ghirmai 28 male Eritrea(East Africa.)
You can send me with address.
Yours sincerly Negassi Ghirmai

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by Jaqui In reply to Anyone else get this e-ma ...

and I deleted it.
I tend to ignore questions on breaching security for systems as a matter of policy.
I would rather promote security than promote violations.

if they have to re-install and lose everything thenit's proof that the it department really don't know what they are doing.

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by sleepin'dawg In reply to yup

WTF!!!! I dumped it as soon as it came in; what kind of IT dept doesn't have backups for its passwords??? Surely they can't be that dense or worse yet, think we're that dense. I don't encourage anything that even hints at security violation even with people I know well. Why give out information like this to a total stranger??? I
might feel for him but I can't quite reach him. He's probably ripped off some box but can't access it because of its security measures and doesn't have enough knowledge to crack it. Just another scam out of darkest Africa. Tiresome!!!


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What are the current standards for becoming a member ot TR?

by deepsand In reply to Ditto

We seem to be getting more and more rif-raf in this joint.

All the more reason to not allow members to hide behind an alias.

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the problem with

by Jaqui In reply to What are the current stan ...

enforcing restrictive standards is knowing where to draw that line.

everyone makes a mistake now and then. working through top 100 to try to get help breaking security is more than that.

TR can't reject members because they aren't IT pros, after all that would defeat most of the purpose behind the TQ&A section wouldn't it?
as a resource for non tech people to get serious help for legitimatly used systems.

as it used to be, only a valid email address as alias? that generates huge spam levels.

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This guy actually "bookmarked" me ...

by deepsand In reply to the problem with

as one of his Contacts in his Profile!

Guess he's looking for suckers.

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An email address

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to What are the current stan ...

and access to the internet. And apparently for some, a desire to have people review resumes and job prospects offline, etc. Well, if you seem them in public somewhere, chances are you will encounter them online, as well.

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No escape.

by deepsand In reply to An email address

You're right, of course.

Still, one can wish for better, and consider how to achieve such.

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