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Anyone Else?

By ND_IT ·
Anyone else getting tired of clicking on "IT Manager, NetAdmin, or Support" and seeing the same articles under all three for about a week at a time? Guess I am just venting since I use this website for alot of research and general information. It would be nice to see some new material more than just once a week.

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Not Me

by rkuhn In reply to Anyone Else?

A) pay for the TechProGuild or
B) contact them and offer your services

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TR has changed but it's still great.

by DC_GUY In reply to Anyone Else?

It does seem like a website with more webmasters than content providers. However the Discussion Center has grown tremendously. I think the total reading time per week is about the same, just more of it is provided by the readers now. That's OK, this is supposed to be the Interactive Era with all of us being both producers and consumers -- especially of information.

But the navigation could be streamlined. Do any of you feel that you fit the profile of the "CIO," "IT Consultant," etc.? I find that no matter which page I start on, I always want to look at an article that is featured on one of the others. I'd rather have them all posted in one place instead of only half, with the rest hidden in the "more articles" directory.

Have you checked out ? It's got a much narrower focus and a discussion board with absolutely no sense of humor, but it has new content every day.

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I agree TR is still great...

by ND_IT In reply to TR has changed but it's s ...

I agrees that TR is still great, and is the first IT forum I go to on a daily basis. The discussions are always interesting. I know on the weekends it seems the discussions have slowed a little, so I look to see what other material is available, and it seems to be the same thing from a few days before. I guess I am too cheap to pay for the Tech Pro Guild area :) Everyone likes to get things free right? :)

I haven't checked out that site, maybe I will after I am done posting this.

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by ND_IT In reply to I agree TR is still great ...

I just went to their website. I was especially interested in the automated discussions. I work in manufacturing facility with tons of automation going on. I work closely with the automated personal here, since alot of our equipment is using ethernet. Thanks for the site tip!

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My beef

by Oz_Media In reply to Anyone Else?

My Discussions are not up to date.

They used to track which discussions you were active in and show them listed in order of the most recent post, now it just shows a list of ancient garbage articles I once posted to. I have sent TR email and received an answer saying to unsubscibe from the discussions i don't want, there is NO unsuvbscibe for these discussions as they are NOT subscribed to, there are just supposed to be kept current.

What really knocks me over though is the fact that we were asked for input for neede changes, EVERYONE pretty much agreed on the same set on changes and NONE of them were addressed in the new site, instead we keep having stupid little changes occur that inconvenience users.

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by ND_IT In reply to My beef

I agrees that requests they asked for we aren't seeing and of those addressed at all on this site. The only thing that has changed is the home page, other than that the navigation is the same, not better at all in my opinion.

I especailly don't like reading an article then get half way through it, then it says "To view this entire article here". The having to try to find the place you left off at. I want to be able to read the article from start to finish without having to click something so I can view the whole thing. Granted, I do visit this site to read the dicussions first, although I don't participate on much of them, I would like to see more updated information and is user friendly. My responsibilies to my customer is to make their job more efficient, why can't TR do the same for us?

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Well maestro ...

by jardinier In reply to My beef

as I am personally aware of your great skill as a website designer, perhaps you could offer your services to TR.

I think perhaps that 100,000 tech points would be an appropriate remuneration.

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We're reviewing what works: Please keep sharing your thoughts

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Anyone Else?

ND_IT, DC_GUY and Oz_Media,

We're in the process of reviewing what's worked well for our members, as well as what has not. Our goal is to determine how we can better learn of and meet IT professionals' needs moving forward.

Meanwhile, please keep your suggestions coming. I appreciate the feedback you provide, as it is an important component in TechRepublic learning which features members' value.

You can continue sharing your ideas by e-mailing us your messages at

Thanks again,

Erik Eckel
Executive Editor

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