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Anyone heard of this?

By Tink! ·
Shanghai NET Network Service Co., Ltd.

From what I can tell the site is relatively new. If you do a search they pop up all over the place but mainly in blogs posting news.

Our CEO received an email from them stating that a Chinese company is requesting domains which are similar to ours, as well as the Internet Brand (whatever that means). They of course, what him to reply via call or email right away because: "We need to know the opinion of your company, because the domain names and keywords may relate to the usufruct of brand name on internet."

I am highly suspicious of this email and am not going to let him reply until I know for sure this is or is not legit.

Thanks all!

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by retro77 In reply to Anyone heard of this?

I would delete the email.

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Hey Tink

by Tig2 In reply to Anyone heard of this?

I did some looking about as well. I'm with you, there is nothing about the company from any authoritative source. I did find a claim to quarterly earnings but those earnings were expressed in US dollars and in a blog.

If your boss DOES choose to reply, I would strongly suggest that he only do so from a throw away account. The content that is being requested is likely someone fishing for information.

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Yea that's

by Tink! In reply to Hey Tink

what I got out of it too. Thanks for the replies! I haven't been on in a while, but I will try to stop in more often!

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