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Anyone out there in the Education environment using "Moodle"?

By geekchic ·
We are beginning to use the online class delivery method called "Moodle". We currently have it up and running on three servers (2 test servers and 1 live) and it seems to be working fine. If you are using did you train your faculty/staff? Were they excited about using it or did they not want anything to do with it? Did you put together your own training materials or use what is available on the Moodle site? Any info would be appreciated!!

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Online course

by jmgarvin In reply to Anyone out there in the E ...

Keep in mind you have opened pandora's box. For every good to come out of this, a bad will follow (at least for a while).

Expect growing pains, training pains, student pains, facutly pains, support pains, server pains, pain pains ;-)

I've never used Moodle, but I have used WebCT and Blackboard and I developed a streaming audio/video tool called Greenbranch (toot toot. Oh and please buy it so I can make millions...thanks...that'd be great).

Training: I would roll out a handful of courses with highly tech savvy instructors. Then once they teach, you can start a mentoring program for the incoming instructors. Don't MAKE anyone train or teach online, make it strictly volunteer. If you don't you will be in a world of hurt. Also, make sure you are able to have some "sit down" time with every instructor teaching online and compile the good, the bad, and the ugly of the system.

Putting together Training: This can be a catch 22. If you don't, you may find your instructors a little lost in the canned material. However, the canned material is usually done very well and fits right in with the textbook.

If you do, your instructors may be overwhelmed by the amount of content they have to create (assume about 12 hours for every 1 hour of class). However, once the content is created it can be reused for at least a couple years.

Why did you go with moodle and not WebCT or Blackboard?

Any more questions (buy Greenbranch).

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We went to Moodle because it's FREE...

by geekchic In reply to Online course

what can I say...they keep cutting our budgets and expect us to still grow and keep up with what is happening at other colleges. Distance Ed is all the rage!

We looked at WebCT and I am pretty computer savvy (I better be, I run the help desk) but I kept getting lost in it. Apparently, they are supposed to be coming out with a new version (it may have already come out) that is a little less complicated to set up. But it is still just too expensive for us.

Blackboard is just too dang proud of their product! Frankly, we could not have afforded it even if they hadn't cut our budgets!

The price was right for Moodle...FREE. We even set up the initial copy of it on an old outdated computer and it worked fine until one instructor decided to have 30 students log into it at one time to take a test! Brought that baby down to its knees!! hehehe

You did bring up one of my pet peeves right now. Apparently, the "powers that be" want to "assign" instructors to teach online courses...doesn't matter if they want to or not! One of them that they want to teach an online class this fall is a wonderful instructor, great with students... but she is in NO WAY computer literate and doesn't want to be. I do not look forward to supporting her class this fall. But I do look forward to spending time with her because she is just a dang good time!

The time involved is another thing. It takes more of an instructors time to manage an online class if they are going to do it right! Once they get it set up, they should be ok but getting there is going to be the trick. Considering the new semester starts the 3rd week of August and we haven't begun to train anyone yet!!

I am making some of my own documentation. I am trying to set it up in "small" lessons (modules) that I can present at different times (so I don't completely overwhelm them) or even email to the computer savvy instructors to do on their own.

And, thanks to you, I think I have a new battle cry!! Expect growing pains, training pains, student pains, faculty pains, support pains, server pains, pain pains! I love it!

Thanks for responding...

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Free Greenbranch?

by jmgarvin In reply to We went to Moodle because ...

I'm serious about Greenbranch. If you want to work with us, I think I can convice my partners to give you a freebee trial for a while.

Drop me an email and I'll give you more information if you want it.

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Give me some time on that one....

by geekchic In reply to Free Greenbranch?

I am still trying to master administering Moodle! Got a website???

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Sure do!

by jmgarvin In reply to Give me some time on that ...

For some reason the website is running very slow, but there is a demo at:

You can contact Peter or I (links for email are on the website).

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Training Non Editing Teacher/Teachers/Course Creator

by sgr.pande In reply to Anyone out there in the E ...

Moodle is mainly for Teachers, so you should encourage your teachers/faculty.
You can create sample courses, activities, wikis, chat ,etc so that teachers can enjoy teaching actively.
Suppose you create a sample course called Java course, you can put assignment as a resource, you can add link a document.
Create a Sample case-study to create a realistic environment while training teachers, teachers should feel that they are really teaching and getting feedback's from students and non-editing teachers.course creator is the entity who can create all the blocks for the teacher.

Plan the Case-study, organize it properly and train the will definitely get something out of it.

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