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Anyone part of the home distributed computing project?

By DanLM ·
What I mean is projects like Seti, Einstein, and others. Actually, I think my real question is. Is there any Tech Republic team with regard to the current projects they have going now.

I've been part of the Seti project now for several years, and have just started doing the Einstein one also. There are enough projects going now to interest almost everyone here I think. Ie: Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and strategy games, Biology and Medicine.

With my new dual processor that I just bought and the fact that I made my old 1.4 AMD a FreeBSD box, I will soon be running projects on both of these machines. With tight scientific budgets, I just feel it's a chance to help out. Besides, my machines run 24/7 anyway. Might as well do something positive with them that might make a difference.

So, is there a Tech Republic Team here? lol
If your interested but have never looked into it, Boinc is the application you need to participate in these projects and can be downloaded from There you will also find a list of all of the projects that you can join. I must warn you though, when I compiled Boinc on my FreeBSD machine. Sucker took longer to compile then when I changed my kernal. Blew my bloody mind.

Oh well, just curious and looking to join an existing team.


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I used to participate in folding@home

by stress junkie In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I was participating in the folding@home project at Stanford Univeristy. They don't use BOINC I stopped when the work units wouldn't complete. I don't know why. One day all of the jobs that they sent me aborted. I waited for a few months, downloaded their newer version, and tried again. Same result.

So I looked around for another project. I found one that uses BOINC. The installation and configuration of the BOINC software was so confusing that I didn't finish setting it up. I was using instructions on that particular project's web site. I have since found the home page of the BOINC software. I might try to install it.

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folding does use boinc now

by Jaqui In reply to I used to participate in ...

my client version is still the old version and has never stopped working right.

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I just got BOINC to run Rosetta@Home

by stress junkie In reply to folding does use boinc no ...

I found two projects researching protein folding and using the BOINC software. I signed up for the Rosetta@Home project. It's running right now. I'm back in the medical research game.

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by DanLM In reply to I just got BOINC to run R ...

I really hope some more people get into this here. The benifits really are worth it.


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Good Post

by dawgit In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I've been looking that for some time now myself. I've had the SETI software for a while, and was just thinking about the BOINC set up. I just don't have a free machine that I would say would do a good enough job. I had even thought of setting up a seperate machine with BSD, Thanks for the warning, I'll wait now. CERN also has a project going, they're not new to this kind of set-up. (gee, I wonder why?) Good people down there. (Good sense of Humour too.) Really Good that you brought it up, I had been wondering the same thing, but just never asked. -d
PS. -let me know if there's an interest in starting something please. Its's just no fun thinking you're the only (weird) one trying it out. -d

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re: bsd setup

by DanLM In reply to Good Post

I installed Boinc on FreeBSD 6.1 from the ports. boinc manager from /net and seti from /astro. Thankfully I belong to and found a good post about the setup from ports. I really had no issues that I know of other then it took a long time to compile. And right now it seems that the seti db is down because my windows xp machine hasn't done anything with seti for a couple days. So, I am unser if my bsd setup is right or not.

I will tell you this, there is an xml file that needs to be built that is not done through the ports. I had to build it manually. I found this information out beforehand though at the forums I previously mentioned. This file, so the forum post said needs to be in 3 places. Again, no information that I found in the bsd ports handbook about this. I'm pretty sure what was in the post was correct though, because I received parsing errors when I first started things. Which means, that the boinc manager definitely was looking for it. Also, when I tried to install this on FreeBSD 5.3, I had all kinds of issues. That could have been for any number of reasons though. Crap setup, that machine was a 600 mhz dell with only 256 of memory. Not alot of swap/tmp/var space. Who knows, I gave up on that machine.

Go figure.

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on SETI....

by dawgit In reply to re: bsd setup

I've heard that the project played out, it had been superceeded to a SETI-II, but I think that died a natural death too. I certainly could be wrong on that, so don't just take my word for it. The local Uni had heavy student involvement with the project, as a good enviorment to play in as for clustering. (one of my pet project pasions thing) Anyway there are more projects out there. (more than ever) As for your machine, I believe it needs to be over the Gig mark. (something that's keeps me held back) and BOINC must have broad-band to work. (the are other sys. that still even work on dail-up, even e-mail)

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shoot, I didn't know at the broadband

by DanLM In reply to on SETI....

Seti is still alive though, all they did was move it over to Boinc. It's in the same category as the Einstein project. They just no longer support the old application(I think). Up till maybe 2 days ago, I was crunching numbers for seti. That's another reason I say it's still alive.
The one thing I really like is that they have brought other projects into it. medical being the primary example that I think everyone would want to assist. I just have always been fascinated with anything to do with space, that's why I chose the projects I am involved in.


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not dying a death...

by Kiltie In reply to on SETI....

It's just that very few of the original Seti group of users can get this dam BOINC to work!!!

I certainly can't, I am techie enough to be able to configure it, but I came to the conclusion that this BOINC is a Beta (or maybe alpha?) project, so it is up to them to fix the bugs, not my job.

Problem is, they pulled the rug from under the Seti users, without checking that BOINC fully worked.
Well maybe it did on their high end development machines, but not for the ordinary home user, which was, after all, the WHOLE IDEA behind the distributed computing project in the first place, for God's sake!!!

If you restrict use to the top labs, tops spec machines, you lose out on the whole of the network of distributed PCs that you had before.

Someone high up at Berkley goofed big time, imho.

I would dearly like to get into the projects again, I have 2 home networks, 4 machines on 24/7 and 4, or more, swapped in and out as test machines. I have the spare capacity, motivation and time to participate, but I am unable to do so 'cos of this dam BOINC sh*t

(btw, emails I sent to them about the problems I had went unanswered *** sigh ***)

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What I ended up doing was

by DanLM In reply to not dying a death...

When I moved over to boinc with seti, I had to re register with a new boinc account. And that is what I used. I lost all of my seti credits, but I am not really into it for that anyway. I actually have never had problems with Boinc on a windows system with either seti project or the Einstein project. It was an effort(and I'm not sure I'm done yet) to install on my FreeBSD machine. But, so far that is only creating an XML file that I found a post about. Had to change some file permissions also, but hey. It's UNIX, I'm use to that. lol

I was just on the seti web page, and they seem to have been having issues with their data base's and hardware of late. At least as of 09/08. They did not have a posting that everything was corrected as of yet.

I think the way boinc is designed is as follows. there is a boinc manager that controls all the projects you can attach to, and then there are smaller clients for each project which can be beta/alpha/stable. That's the impression I got from my install on the FreeBSD box, that and the way they break out the description of each project you can attach to.

Not sure though.


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