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Anyone seen this site yet?

By Oz_Media ·
Better still, has anyone NOT seen this site and I'm just slow?

It's an excellent reference that details just about any running process you can punch into it.

It identified every process in my list without hesitation or incorrect results.

This could be a real life saver for some of these guys suffering from Internet Explorer bugs and spyware issues.

Like I said, to me it's a new cool thing (There have been similar but this one has a great engine too)but it maybe common for many of you, I don't know. Thought I'd pass it on though.

TR IS STILL WAY BETTER THOUGH!!!! (pucker, pucker, kiss, kiss)

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yeah OZ, I happen to use this at work

by Garion11 In reply to Anyone seen this site yet ...

An excellent site indeed. Here is another. I use a tool called Process it and you will how wonderful that tool is.

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Thanks Garion

by Oz_Media In reply to yeah OZ, I happen to use ...

I have tried this one before but not recently, perhaps time for a retest.

Wow, something useful shared in a TR thread.....what is the world coming to.

Have a good one,

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by JamesRL In reply to Thanks Garion

I have been using process library for some time on my spyware hunts.

I will try the tool Garion suggests as well.

Its always valuable to get a better understanding of all the processes running on a computer, if you want to make the most out of what you have.


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I too have used this one

by ND_IT In reply to yeah OZ, I happen to use ...

Works pretty good when SpyBot and Adware can't get everything. I used it at home quite a bit.
Have a good one!

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Oz....I can't believe you have never seen that

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Anyone seen this site yet ...

before....where have you been? Not really, I too have never seen that site.....It looks useful, and thank you for sharing it!

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by Salamander In reply to Anyone seen this site yet ...

...this is really helpful!

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Heres another useful site

by gbrownlee In reply to Anyone seen this site yet ...

Check out this link: it has proven useful when you have to manually dig malware out of a system.


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