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Anyone want a TR-iPod?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·


Over the next five weeks, Member Profiles will take
center stage at TechRepublic. We're celebrating
TechRepublic's sixth birthday by giving away six
TechRepublic iPod minis (TR-iPods) and other
TechRepublic merchandise to members who complete or
update their profile from now until May 31. Learn how
your completed profile can earn you some TR swag by
visiting our Birthday Celebration page.

Meanwhile, our continuing refinement of the
TechRepublic Community (and this NetNote) proceeds
apace. Express your opinions about our TR-iPod
giveaway, new community features, this newsletter, a
fellow TR member, or pretty much anything Community-
related in this discussion.

Check out the Community NetNote archive here:

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Newsletter here:



So who's that guy in the pixelated tuxedo? Why, that's
BFilmFan, one of TechRepublic's most active and
generous posters. How generous? As of press time, the
ratio of Tech Q&A questions he's answered to those he
has asked was precisely 400:1. (Of course, most
recipients of BFilmFan's wisdom haven't been kind
enough to rate his responses, but that's a separate
issue.) You can browse BFilmFan's recent answer
history by clicking the Tech Q&A tab in his
refreshingly complete profile, linked below.

You can update your own profile here:



TechRepublic member JIM-MN received a highly coveted
TR coffee mug (AKA a Smug Mug) last week for his
gracious and courteous offline efforts towards
troubleshooting a bug on our Web site. Nice guy, but
his profile (linked below) could use a little fleshing
out. If you see him in the forums, say hi.

NOTE: Dispensation of TR Smug Mugs outside of contest
prizes is wholly arbitrary on the part of TechRepublic
editors. Good behavior, courtesy, general coolness,
robust activity, a completed profile, and outright
sycophantism are your best bets for earning one.


FEATURE O' THE WEEK: Profile page

The Profile page is the centerpiece of your rapidly
evolving TechRepublic Community toolset. Here, you can
track your recent Discussion Center and Tech Q&A
activity, as well as manage your e-mail alerts tied to
these features. You can also control more advanced
Community features, like your Contacts list, and in
the near future, TechRepublic blogs, from your Profile.

More important than the tools, however, are the
Professional Biography, Interests, and Technologies
Implemented fields. By completing these elements of
your Profile, you qualify yourself to the larger
TechRepublic community, adding weight and context to
your posts. Moreover, each comma-delimited Interest
or Technology is an active tag, which will link you to
other members with the same interests, and surface your
TR alias on Discussion threads tagged in the same

As we roll out more tag-based features in the coming
weeks and months, your Interests and Technologies will
become even more valuable, as we tune site content and
technology based on this data. Don't miss out. You can
access and update (and maybe earn a TR-iPod) at the
link below.


TAG, YOU'RE IT: download

The TechRepublic Downloads Team uses the download tag
to distinguish those discussions attached to their
latest releases. Use this tag to stay current with
user feedback on TR's newest downloads.



* Compaq Presario 7470

* Where's James' Mug?

* Simple applet won't run - please help

* Exchange Server 2003 mailbox

* printer is missing from my computer



* I found things on my bosses

* Software developer or network admin

* An early peek at Longhorn

* Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion

* Search Employee Computers



Have you ever wondered why some of TechRepublic's most
active discussion threads--the off-topic stuff about
politics, religion, and pop culture--never seem to
appear on the Hot Discussions list, let alone as
featured discussions? Because we hide them, of course.
Below are the top five most active suppressed threads
from the last week. Join in on those discussions that
are just "too hot for TR."

* The best song of all time

* Have you had a divorce? Need tips.

* The Evolution lie

* Robots replaced by monkeys

* Survey: Are Big Trucks and SUVs really necessary?


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by ITgirli In reply to Anyone want a TR-iPod?

What if you do several updates to your profile, do you get multiple entries?

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Not quite

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to TR-ipod

Multiple updates do not equate to multiple entries. It's one entry per person. One prize person. No multiple entries, no multiple prizes.

However, the sooner you update, the more drawings you'll be eligible, and the better your odds are in one of the earlier drawings. Update now, get better odds, period.


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sorry to nit-pick, Jay

by jck In reply to Anyone want a TR-iPod?

But in the email that I got notifying me of the contest:

At the top, it says " the month of May..."

Later down the line, it tells you that modifications made "...between now and May 31..."

Some idiot who really wants a TR-iPod might have some high-power attorney father who'll sue you over it if you don't clarify.

Just don't wanna see things go wrong over a little bit of nothing.

Plus, I don't want some a**hole getting my TR-iPod!!!

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April 25th

by ITgirli In reply to sorry to nit-pick, Jay

was listed somewhere in the actual rules as the official start date.

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by The Admiral In reply to Anyone want a TR-iPod?

Shucks - You mean that Sarcasm don't count?

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