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AOL is it the axis of evil?

By zlitocook ·
Aol let a few hundred people connect to the internet ( just joking it was a few thousand:) ) But there are countless web pages about how bad it is or how good. I use it because my wife loves it, ok you can crack the whip now hehe. But at first we used a local BBS to get to the internet then AOL came out with a huge down load. I am showing my age here, after my wife started using AOL I down loaded netscape and loved it! But she did not, is AOL even though it is so slow an addiction? Can I get government support to help my wife? I want to get DSL but she will only let me do it if she can keep AOL but I have heard that when you use AOL on DSL it will really slow the connection. Uh oh my wifes head is spinning around again. I best get the XP black book and restore cds to protect myself. Just a fun look at life and it's problems. Please do not take this post the wrong way.

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Hmmm.... pulls out his AOL joke book

by awfernald In reply to AOL is it the axis of evi ...

I have been an ardent hater of AOL since the days when the upstart AOL rose up to challenge Compuserve. Of course, we know where that went.

Since I have always done my own computer work, I used to 'look down' on those poor individuals who were so computer illiterate that they had to have something so simple as AOL to think for them.


My Dad caught the AOL bug about 10 years ago, and he refuses to switch. Why? because he doesn't want to have to worry about changing his e-mail addresses everywhere, learning about dial-up connections, getting high speed access, etc....

AOL is comfortable to him!

When he gave me all the reasons why he wouldn't change over to a "better" ISP, I suddenly realized that AOL, though much despised throughout the IT world, actually has a well built product that people don't need to be computer experts to use.

So now, I guess that the only thing left wrong with AOL is their decision to pull out of the high speed internet market and only offer dial-up services to their users.

You can use AOL over high speed access, however, I believe that you are then going to get stuck paying for both your high speed access and your AOL account.

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not evil but....

by trockii In reply to Hmmm.... pulls out his AO ...

AOL is not evil. It has it's pros and cons like everything else. Lots of people jumped on the bandwagon with AOL and got confortable using it. People naturally don't like change. If it's not broke don't fix it sort of thing. I can connect using AOL why switch? AOL is full of pop-ups and ad ware that slow down your computer. I think that's the main reason most IT pros don't use it. It's easy for the non-techs, but just a pain in the arse for IT. Sit down with your wife and do a pro and con sheet. If the pros for using AOL are more than the pros of DSL or cable then use AOL. If there are more cons against AOL it's time to swithc.

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That is the reason...

by ND_IT In reply to not evil but....

Why I don't work on people's home PC's of they have AOL. They usually come to me and say their computer is "slow", and I come to find out they are using AOL, and I usually give them the same answer, find a different provider, then I will take a look. It's not evil, but like you said, people just jumped on the bandwagon.

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by trockii In reply to That is the reason...

I don't work on emachines. I can't figure them out. One min they work, next they don't, start to troubleshoot and then starts working properly before I can find out what is causing the problem.

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by ND_IT In reply to Emachines

Been called to co-worker's houses on those too. Worst combination, AOL and a HP/Compaq or Emachine.

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by trockii In reply to Yep

Would be faster and sometimes cheaper, if they buy a new one rather than fix it. I only charge $25 per job to fix computers. I walked into a computer shop the other day to buy a copper shim that I forgot to order when I was building a computer. I looked at their price list on the wall. Virus scan $49. Virus removal $20/hour. Basic labor $70/hour. This lady was in there and I overheard them say it would cost $400 to fix her computer. I was half tempted to give her my business card and tell her I would fix it for $100. lol

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No kidding

by ND_IT In reply to faster

It is sometimes faster and cheaper. One co-worker was always having problems with a machine he purchased that Best Buy built for him. After all the time and new software I installed, he could have easily bought a Dell and had the warranty if anything went wrong. Not saying Dell is always the only option for home PC's but comparing to cost and labor, it would have been just as cheap. When I first started out at this company I got suckered into helping co-workers with their home PC's problems with little or nothing, but then when the calls started coming on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday, I started laying about a base price a $50, it was amazing how much my weekends freed up again :)

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by zlitocook In reply to faster

I have received alot of hate type replys to I fix computers for free or next to free just to learn about how to fix different types of computers. Most computer shops charge more then car dealers charge for repairs! Computer repair shops are fine for major repairs but most computers just need a few things done. And it should not cost an arm and a leg to get it done!

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Nothing like free tech support

by trockii In reply to not evil but....

Some people just don't know/expect you to charge for helping them. I used to do it for free, but if I am at someone's house for a few hours I would at least like to get a tank of gas out of the deal rather than just a thanks. Family is different. I just charge them a home cooked meal beforehand, then I will dive into their problem. :)

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Are you married?

by zlitocook In reply to not evil but....

I have been married and love my wife for 28 years but she is bull headed. She has a masters degree from Webster university in programing and fuzy logic for robotics, I myself have a two year degree from a tech school but I keep up on all computer trends and technology. My wife looks at a function and if it works and if it right it dose not need to be fixed. I look at a device and say it could be better. Two people like this get along get untill a option to join or upgrade to a better product is a option. Well a man has to make a choice between his wife or a faster connection... well she can do things after I sleep so I pick a slower connection

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