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Apple itunes

By SmartStuff ·
Should Apple own the itunes domain name ?

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Trademarked Names

by BFilmFan In reply to Apple itunes

I think so as Itunes is a well-known and registered trademarked name. Should they own Not unless they can beat me to registering it! haha

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A global company

by Oz_Media In reply to Apple itunes

Seeing as they have conducted billions of dollars worth of business in the UK, employed hundreds of UK residents and contributed a great deal to the economy, why the heck not?

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Apple itunes domain name

by SmartStuff In reply to A global company

well, because some guy registered that name years ago ...

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So what?

by Oz_Media In reply to Apple itunes domain name

That been happening in business for years. A compny sells it's products in a global market and then removes al ltraces of inferior use of that trade name from other avenues. It's been happening to registered business names and domains for years.

As someone who spends a lot of time fighting for distribution rights and band names, song names and lyric use all over the world, this is no big news to me at all.

There have been bands that sell music under a specific band name for years in one area, once anoher band has a larger profile and sells music in that same area, they win rights to all references to that band name, CD name, song title or graphic representations, the other band is forced to change it's name or face being sued.

Far from new and FAR from news, welcome to the world of trademarks.

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