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Application Acceptance Testing Procedures

By jonah.simpson ·
Hello All!

I'm working for a large government organization with a number of custom built applications that are used domain wide. A lot of these applications are old and very sensitive to any changes in the environment. As well, we have a number 10+ different "standard" images we use (based on job role) * 4 different pc architectures = 40 overall images with some combination of different apps or drivers.

Because of the sheer number of variables, we have a testing department in order to make sure any additional applications or updates do not break any of the other apps. The problem we're having is that we have no explicit guide or procedures to do the testing, so our testing department ends up missing things that they should have easily caught. This negates the usefulness of the testing department, which isn't acceptable.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Specifically we're looking for some kind of process for designing and implementing effective test procedures, but we're interested in any related information as well.


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