Application not launching from a login script

By ron_jeff ·
Hi All

I'm having this wierd scripting problem and am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.
I have created a login script to map drives and launch a java application. When I run this script locally, it executes and completes successfully. However, if I run it from a w2k3 domain, the drives will map but it will simply not launch the java app. I initially thought it was to do with the script launching the app before the drives had mapped, however, I put a loop command in to loop the script until the drives had mapped. This still did not solve the problem.
Anyone have any suggestions?

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And the code is

by JPLconsultant In reply to Application not launching ...

It's kind of hard to troubleshoot code without knowing what it is.

<insert code here>

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The code is

by ron_jeff In reply to And the code is

Here is the .BAT file code.......

echo "--> Deleting existing network drive mappings"
net use * /delete /y

echo "--> Mapping COMMON to H:"
net use h: \\server02\common
echo "--> Mapping SERVICES to I:"
net use i: \\server02\services

if exist I: (goto Sonar) else (ping -n 10)
goto loop

cd \SonarAuthStartApp\
start javaw -jar SonarAuthStart.jar

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by scott_heath In reply to The code is

Start by using the full paths to java.exe and SonarAuthStart.jar.

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Policy Setting?

by JPLconsultant In reply to Application not launching ...

Since the script works locally, but not when connected to the domain, I wonder if there's a Group Policy Setting that's in play. Are you sure you've got the user profiles configured correctly to run a startup script? Checked security permissions being set by the GP?

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RE: Policy setting

by ron_jeff In reply to Policy Setting?

Well, since it is mapping the drives when logging in to the domian, it means that the clients are configured correctly. I don't recall a GP security setting that prevents this. Does such a setting exists to disallow java applications to run from a login script.

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Not sure

by JPLconsultant In reply to RE: Policy setting

Off hand, I don't of a GP setting to disallow java, specifically.

Did you try specifying the full path, as suggested earlier?

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