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Appreciation of peers

By Oz_Media ·
In recent discussions, a lot of people have stood up to be counted and offered support for my post while slandering another peer who was objective.

As much as I appreciate people going to bat for me or supporting my ideas, I never expect such resopnses and would feel terrible if someone lost thier TR privaleges for stepping over the line.

Please don't jeopardize your good name at TR to support me, I can always find a new sandbox if I go over the line but would not be able to accept someone else losing out on the TR forums and support due to some idiot takig pot shots at me.

If you agree with me that's great, if you supoprt my arguments, thank you, but please don't cross the line on my behalf.

Thanks all,

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Read this

by Passwordchanged In reply to Appreciation of peers

this is copied from the discussions entrance page.

Express your opinion
Join conversations with other TechRepublic members about anything from desktop application support to shopping for an ASP. You can start a conversation about any subject. Questions? Check
out our Discussions FAQ.

Now, which part of "conversation about anysubject" do you NOT understand? Any subject - which by my read kmeans sex, politics, R&R, and technical, too.

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So what does that support?

by Oz_Media In reply to Read this

Don't see where you are going with this. I assume you are going to say that this means technical questions should be allowed in the discussion forums.

If you had stated this along with your above comments in your ORIGINAL response, I would have happily pointed out where you are mislead. Instead you choose to abandon logic and slam my character instead.

"CONVERSATION ABOUT ANY SUBJECT" Does NOT mean ask a techical question. A question is a question, a conversation is NOT a request for help.

If I said, HOW do I get my graphics card working, this is a question, NOT a discussion topic or as you have pointed out, a CONVERSATION. It is a request for information.

If I said, my grphics card doesn't work, I found all GeForce cards have this buggy problem, how do you feel about GeForce cards? or What cards do you like? THIS is a CONVERSATION or DISCUSSION topic.

You should read some of the posting guidelines too, before you preach, learn about the issue yourself.

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read this too

by Passwordchanged In reply to So what does that support ...

"The Discussion Center is where you can discuss relevant IT topics, such as technology, career, and management, with other IT professionals. No TechPoints are needed to participate in these discussions, and there are no right or wrong answers. Think of this as an online team meeting with other IT professionals participating."

my issue with you, mr. canadian bacon, is that instead of encouraging other active people in these forums to help newbies find their way to techq&A, you suggested giving them sarcasm and abuse. that's not helping either the people who post in the "wrong" place and it isn't helping build this community either. So do you wish to build or destroy goodwill? By your incessant flames and abuse of otherposters, must be the latter

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Well you tried

by Oz_Media In reply to read this too

But you still resorted to name calling, another few years and you'll be adult enough to converse.

Now, we have for several months TRIED to get the Q&A topics reduced in the Discussion forum. SOme have completely ignored them, some have had a pre written redirect that can be pasted and points the user to the correct forum, we have also formally requested to the TR staff for change.

The number of questions has increased, not decreased. When someone posts a question, they don't see all the other posts being told that they will get better help in Q&A, they just see other questions and post, thinking it is the right place. This needs to be resolved by site navigation updating.

Mu suggestion was tongue in cheek as most people would have read it. It was a frustrated post with a last resort of BRIDGING discussions, not being sarcastic or abusive. Can you point to where in the thread I suggested sarcasm orabuse as a resolution? I didn't think so.

So, if you disagree you may offer an alternative resolution if you have a better idea OR you may simly say you don't like the idea and feel it is unjust.

Simply calling someone names is not a resolution, it is antagonistic and your insults will be returned, as should be expected.

Now, you've said you disagree, I can accept that. Do you have a better idea or will you just disagree and be on your way?


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by Oz_Media In reply to Well you tried

I am not really Canadian, as you may remember.
I LIVE in Canada, I LOVE Canada but I'm NOT Canadian. Your slams at Canada are unjust as they are targeted at me being Canadian, I don't think too many Canadians would agree with your point of view and would probably just jump on the hate USA bandwagon, as you are a poor example of your country and your country's beliefs.

People with such an attitude are the reason people dislike America, not the few such as yourself that give the USA a bad name. Do your fellow citizens a favour, don't use your being American as a way to put down others, it isn't well received.

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by Passwordchanged In reply to Furthermore

dude you have lost your shiite. I never bashed Canada. You on the other hand take every occasion you can to slam the u.s. Sounds like your guilty conscience is catching up with you.

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***** footing

by Oz_Media In reply to dude

You are being seomwhat refined but your message is clear.

mr. Canadian bacon you may deny but it is clearly a shot at me being from canada, therefore you are associating your disagreement with me as being a disagreement with me as a Canadian, not a person.

I learned to be this PC picky right here on TR, not bad huh?

My concience is clear, I speak my mind and therefore retain no hatred or doubt in my thoughts, things in the open don't become dirty laundry.

You seem to have nto recovered from last year's rants and still have a little bit of a sting in your bum. I have not slammed America or her people in a while, I have also seen VERY little Pro-American charing lately. Funny how arrogance is met with such conflict. You take away the 'Holier than thou' attitude and the resistance mellows too, hmmmm. Is there perhaps some psychology behind all this?

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Forgive me here but I've never seen you attempt to answer a question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dude

In the Discussion Forums and for that matter I haven't seen much activity from you at all around TR.

So what exactly are you trying to say when you critise OZ instead of doing this shouldn't you as the mature adult that you say you are have forgoten about the original post and jumped right in and attempted to answer all the questions that where listed instead of attempting to attack the person who brought this up?

If you do not like a topic there is no need for you to join in but you could very easly have gone to all the listed questions and tried to help there as you claim that is what you want to see being done here at TR.

But if you had even bothered to have a look at any of these questions you would have seen my responces to most of the listed questions and the suggestion that they give more detail and post in the Q & A section as they would get a faster responce and more likely someone from their time zone to help them as well. Now one of those questions was titeled "I need help" and went on to say that my new P4 that I've just built will not work and gives no video display and then something about a 9 pin male to 15 pin male connector. I asked for a lot more detail like what exactly was happening and made a few suggestions about how he could fix his problem or at least start some basic trouble shooting.

I notice that since then no one else has made any coment or the original person has not attempted to reply with more information I even offered to attempt to help him if he wanted to contact me through the Peer Listings which he has not availed himself of either.

Now exactly what have you done in any form of attempt to help any of these people?

I was taught manners when I was young and if you can not say something nice about someone then just don't say anything at all.

You claim that TR is here to help people then get to it and offer the help that you are so adimant about and stop interfering with others who want a little peace and quite away from the daily grind of work in the IT industry!

If you do not like what I've posted here you can contact me through the Peer listings with a complaint as well but I notice you do not make you're self available for this kind of action so aren't you the Pot calling the Kettle BLACK?


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needs a raise Here is something just just for you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dude

Since you appear to be so adiment about helping people here on the TR discussion threads here is a new posting that I'll leave for you to answer you will find it at

Of course you will need to remove any spaces that where inserted when uploaded that is a normal thing since the change.

But go for it as it is a simple answer I'm sure that you'll make short work of it and have the complete answer in no time at all after all you did deride a Peer for his thoughts on this matter so fess up and put you're money where you're mouth is.


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Dam this wireless mouse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dude

I'll check up in a few days time and see how you went with an answer to this persons problem.

I'm sure you'll be able to answer it in no time at all and without exerting any mental effort either.

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