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Arafat dead, what's to happen to Palestine?

By jkaras ·
With Arafat dead and every militant group vying for control will Isreal strike, or India strike while vunerable over their long standing feud,or the US move in to control yet another area in the middle east? This is a very awkward time in the middle of hottest disputed area that the death of one man could swing the balance of the worlds future? After seeing video of the attempted funeral with thousands of loyal followers and factions in total dissary makes you think. Opinions?

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Arafat was a murderer

by ProtiusX In reply to Arafat dead, what's to ha ...

Was I a bit strong there? Hmmm, I don?t think so. He controlled an organization that openly and actively sought out innocent Israeli women and children in a concerted effort to push Israel into the sea. He never wanted peace with Israel and was the sword used by the Arabic fascists to eliminate Israel all together.
I for one am glad he?s dead. I hope and pray that the Palestinians find the leadership needed to truly broker peace with Israel. The only way they can do this is to stop killing Israelis. To do this they must take it upon themselves to distance themselves from the thugs that are the PLO.

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Who cares , he was lately ineffectual

by namitswar In reply to Arafat was a murderer

ARAfat had lost his grip on PLO>
Hamas and othe organisations were controlling the PLO.

So his demise wouldnt harm or benifit the war/peace process .

btw Whats this question doing in here at Discussions ?

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should it have been in the technical then?

by jkaras In reply to Who cares , he was lately ...

lighten up,lol, we wax philosophical around here from time ot time to break up the routines, and gain understanding since this site is visited internationally. The middle East concerns all since that is where people are dying daily on both sides of the coin. If a discussion offends you then dont participate, excercise your point of view if you want to, no biggie.

Your point was something I never considered, that he essentially was or probably just a figure head leaving the waring to the youger militant factions.

Regardless the minute size of Palestine its impact on who will rule it makes it a very valuable chess piece on the chess board of the middle east. I for one imagine way more bloodshed than peace in the coming three months ahead. The dreamer in me hopes for peace, but the realist in me speaks the latter.

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Perhaps now rational heads will prevail

by maxwell edison In reply to Arafat dead, what's to ha ...

Yasser Arafat was a terrorist and a thief. He killed innocent people and stole millions (or billions) of dollars from those he presumably represented. To give him the Nobel Peace Prize was a farce. The Israel/Palestinian issue would have never been resolved with him alive. He wanted the issue, not the solution.

Perhaps now things will change - or not.

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Maxwell you should visit the area

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Perhaps now rational head ...

Both sides are just like naughty little preschool children who can not get along together in the sandpit.

The hatred between the two predates "Christian" times and I really can not see it being solved in the short term.


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Well hopefully we can have peace

by Garion11 In reply to Arafat dead, what's to ha ...

This asshole is the reason why terrorism is as prevelant today. He escalated it and robbed his own people in the process. Indirectly he is responsible for 9/11. Thats why this argument over Israel so called "occupation" is all bulls*it. He never wanted peace, not when all the Arab governments were paying him to keep sending suicide bombers into Israel (Saddam anyone?). He used his own people to kill civilians, and I hope he rots in ****.

I hope there is a viable, democratic Palisitianian state out of this and it would go a LONG WAY to healing the wounds of the past 50 years. If and when this happens, the Palistinians and the governments of the Arab states will run out of excuses to attack Israel, I wonder what they will come up with next.

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wanting peace

by john.a.wills In reply to Well hopefully we can hav ...

When the Israelis want peace they will
1. stop the more than weekly terror raids they are currently perpetrating in the 1967 territories;
2. start returning the stolen private property to its owners.
Of course, when they do the latter, Christians and Muslims will eventually be a majority in the 1948 territories and will presumably vote for a reunited Palestine, bringing the Israeli state to an end. That will be a natural consequcne of peace, and may be one reason the Israelis do not want peace.

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Palestine has a chance at a new beginning

by AV . In reply to Arafat dead, what's to ha ...

In Arafat's death he has finally done one good thing for the Palestinian people and the rest of the world. I hope the Palestinians choose a leader that wants peace. I know there will be more bloodshed and chaos before that happens, but how much violence can people take?

I think that Tony Blair will play an instrumental role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He will help Bush with his diplomacy and there will be Arab countries involved as well. I hope they all succeed.

It all depends on who is elected to replace Arafat.

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An insult to my intelligence

by jardinier In reply to Arafat dead, what's to ha ...

Week after week, year after year, decade after decade my intelligence is insulted with the latest update on the so-called peace talks.

While I am aware that right-wing Americans will not accept this, it is blatantly obvious to me that Israel, supported by Zionist Jews in America, does NOT WANT PEACE.

They would much prefer that the Palestinians would just disappear.

Rightly or wrongly, it was the Israelis, not the Palestinians or any of their allies, who crossed the boundary laid down in the UN partition plan. Furthermore, even some weeks before the partition date, the Israeli forces were massacring villages of Christians and Muslims in a successful attempt to get a large number of the local people to flee.

When I started a discussion on the Israel/Palestine issue about a year ago, the only respondents were John Wills, and some other character who simply dismissed us as racists.

There will NEVER be peace in this part of the world unless Washington and Israel come clean and admit their real goal -- total dominance over the Palestinian people.

P.S. I am not anti-Semitic -- some of the loveliest people I know are Jewish -- and that includes liberal Jews and orthodox Jews.

In order to see the picture clearly, one must recognise the agenda of Zionist Jews, who do NOT represent the feelings of Jewish people in general.

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by Garion11 In reply to An insult to my intellige ...

That was quite funny Jules. For a minute there I actually thought you were serious.

I always wondered why Israel said yes to peace 3x, but all 3x the Arabs walked away.

I always wondered why Israel was attacked first by all the Arab nations (and they just happen to lose) after the creation of Israel in 1948.

I always wondered why Palistinian terrorists always targeted Israeli citizens as opposed to their military.

I always wondered why (if the Palistinians were so opressed by Washington and Israel) their so called "Arab brothers" didn't give them a shelter and land in their own countries.

I always wondered why Arafat died such a rich man with several hundred million dollars in Swiss bank accounts, while his own people starved.

Shall I continue?? Or do you feel like being funny again?

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