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Are Ads on TR slowing loads down?

By jdclyde ·
I have noticed that many times when I load a new page, it just stops, and in the status bar it shows that it is looking at different ad log sites?

I can get the top ads up and going in no time at all, but to load even a short discussion will take a few minutes?

No, this isn't my computer or network connection causing this. I get the same on my work pc and my home system as my laptop.

I quite understand the need for the ads. Really I do. But who ever is doing the design has GOT to start taking a better look at download times before adding them in.

Is that being unreasonable of me? I don't think it is, but what do I know?

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Are Ads on TR slowing loa ...

I haven't had this problem. If you're having this prob it's not unreasonable to expect better performance. TR pages aren't any different than other websites. Definitely need ads. We wouldn;'t have this great site w/o them. Some of those really long discussions load slow, as might be expected. Maybe those could be broken into pages of something like 500 messages per page.

I've noticed a different sort of oddity. My browser quite often pulls up an out-of-date TR web page. I know it's out-of-date cuz I post a message and next time I go back to the page, the message isn't there. I hit Refresh and still same result. I've tried clearing IE's temporary files and same problem. Open a new browser; same problem. I even tried pulling up the same page from a different computer. Same out-of-date page. I've gone so far as to retype whatever message I already submitted. Only to find that at some later point in time, usually only a few minutes but one time it was over an hour, I do finally retrieve an updated page and now BOTH of my messages are there. I have seen this happen in blogs mostly.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to

I just tried it again. Now my browser pulls up an out-of-date page after having already pulled up the new updated one an hour ago. And it is getting worse....I am unable to edit my previous message. So you're getting to read two (2) messages instead of a one consolidated message. I give up!

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The disapearing post

by jdclyde In reply to

I used to get this quite a bit. You would post and it could take up to an hour before it would show up.

Rule of thumb, stop using IE! You are just asking for trouble if you don't.

FF isn't perfect, but with all of its quickly fixed flaws, it still is more secure than IE.

Any web sites that it doens't work on is because of the blantant incompetence of the webmasterbator for writing non-internet standard code.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Are Ads on TR slowing loa ...

FireFox has started having issues with redirects [if you're using defaults for thsi setting] in the last week - and many ad link sites are culprits here...

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Hasn't happened to me recently

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Also

But I did have a day where FF said TR wasn't there. IE found it after a huge redirect advert misused my bandwidth, memory and personal well being.

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Yes to both FF and default settings

by jdclyde In reply to Also

It really is anoying too. I shouldn't have to shut everything off to come to a site like this.

Sure if I was nudie hunting I would expect this, but here?

That is a sure way to start chasing away techs, because they KNOW better than to put up with it.

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