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Are IT Outsourcing services deals increasingly moving on-shore?

By rkallit ·
Are you seeing a trend for big businesses to move services back onshore. If yes, will this trend continue or is it just a move by big business to keep the government and public opinion on their sides?

Ramy Stuart

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My Thoughts on Onshoring

by worth.melanie In reply to Are IT Outsourcing servic ...

I don't think big business does anything unless it is for making more money. Public opinion is important for publically traded companies but in the grand scheme of things and with the way that most americans have attention spans that jump from one headline to another, I don't think on or off shore resourcing is a big thought on the average American mind.
I do think that we are seeing more offshore jobs coming back to the US due to the fact that offshore resources are becoming smarter about their worth and are either migrating to other countries or demanding better salaries. We have already seen this in China and India.
Anyone who remembers the quote "Anyone who does not know history is doomed to repeat it" just needs to take a look at what happened to the US in the early 1900's when sweatshops were the norm until unions were established. I feel this is what is happening in those other countries and that their workers are getting smarter and organizing for better salaries and working conditions.
This is why i believe things are just coming full circle.

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