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Are IT people stupid or is it just a matter of no acounting skills

By ComputerCookie ·
I recently viewed a question relating to a LBP-800 printer.

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I don't know how old the model is, Canon doesn't say, however the pics supplied suggested it was a very basic laser printer (similar to LBP-600) and the fact that Canon Australia was only supplying drivers for NT/98-ME/2000 drivers meant it must be "old".

This guy had just purchased new Dell slimline towers, and a LPT > USB adaptor.

I don't have a wholesaler with this product or adaptor mentioned in their pricelist, however in my opinion the adaptor probably cost more than the printer is worth.

Why do IT people want to always try and find a fix for crap hardware instead of budgeting properly to replace obselete equipment and peripherals.

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geez, who did the deed in your corn flakes?

by Shellbot In reply to Are IT people stupid or i ...

"IT People" is a fairly sweeping term.
Did you mean, IT Managers, or IT Budget manager, or any other narrower term?

I take you point on board mate, probably cost more to fix than to buy a new one, however...maybe this guys boss says to check it out a cost analasis or whatever..

maybe its just a spare they trying to get up and running..or maybe they just have an extremely small budget and they are attempting to do the best they can.

Maybe they just "doing thier job" Or maybe they just stupid..who knows...

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No kidding!

by Absolutely In reply to geez, who did the deed i ...

Plus, with the constant dumbing-down of SAT's, grading standards, etc., older = better. I'm serious.

Hardware that continues to function long enough to *need* an adapter cable is preferable to shiny, new Beta-test-by-the-paying-customers garbage in the Big Box store.

Why are IT haters so stupid?

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they are stupid

by Shellbot In reply to No kidding!

because they are jelous i think..
they envy our intelligence

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You're right.

by Absolutely In reply to they are stupid

And being jealous is no way to catch up to our intelligence. But then, they cannot be expected to understand that, because

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Are IT people stupid or i ...

Did you ever consider that the ink cartriges on LBP-800 could be refillable? With the cost of black ink cartriges being around $35 US each, maybe that's the reason.

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Throwing away equipment that works is stupid

by jdclyde In reply to Are IT people stupid or i ...

If the product still does the job properly, then it would be moronic to throw it away based on it being "old".

A little accounting trick for you, if you spend all the companies money, it is the same as if they never made it in the first place.

Go back and look up obsolete. The first definition : 1 a: no longer in use or no longer useful

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by richard.gardner In reply to Throwing away equipment t ...

But you're not taking into account the printing industries constant march towards obsolesence - I had to throw two perfectly good laser printers away because the toners cost more than buying equally functional replacements... ROI after 6 months.

It is sad, I agree, what a waste of plastic, metal and hard work, but we're kind of tied in.

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A little harsh...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Are IT people stupid or i ...

I purchased a similar adapter (under $10 on Newegg) for a printer at work. The printer was discontinued, and very old. However, due to the way our budgets work the department had a few dozen spare toner cartridges. So it made far more sense to buy a cheap part for an obsolete yet reliable printer that we had lots of supply for. Buying a new printer just for the sake of buying a new one makes no sense (or cents) in some cases. But what do I know...I'm one of those stupid IT folk.

**Edited for poor spellering, further proving the "stupid IT guy" stigmata**

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"stupid IT guy"

by Absolutely In reply to A little harsh...

stupid enough to program your own splel-checker?

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question for you..

by Jaqui In reply to Are IT people stupid or i ...

why WASTE money even having a printer? are you stupid or something? No-one NEEDS a printer unless they are to stupid to read a document on the screen.

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