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Are the people being raped by the Oil Companies?

By DanLM ·
I have read several different views on this, everything from yes. They are rapping the people to they are only making a 10 percent return on their investments. To, it doesn't matter if it's only 10 percent because that is too much when considering that Oil is a requirement to live.
My feelings are that the Oil companies are making a huge profit, but the citizens are just as much at fault for the following reasons:
1). Conservation - You kidding me? I read a post where a lady said they bought their SUV in 2003 when the price of gas was cheap. Well, excuse me. But, I gave up my SUV in 2000 when I thought the price of gas was outrageous.
2). Exploration and Refineries - Yea well, that's another one. Nobody wants new refineries, there is more oil out there. But no place to refine it. Can't run on raw oil. Nobody wants more exploration, yea well. That's another one. Where do people think it comes from??? Or, is it that mind set of any place but where I live?
3). I have actually seen people complain when wind farms are suggested in the area's where they live. Ruins the view? The Kennedy's to be exact. Again, the mind set of not where I life. If they have issue with bloody windmills, what are they going to say when someone wants to open a processing plant for alternate fuels in the general vicinity of where they live.

Ok, yes Oil companies are making too much of a profit. But, the citizens have themselves to blame also.

And, with regard to states that refuse to have new plants, refineries, or exploration performed in their area. Don't complain when you have gas shortages and blackouts, its your own fault.


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You missed another group making windfall profits

by jdclyde In reply to Are the people being rape ...

The GOVERNMENT is making more profits off of every gallon of gas sold than the oil companies are, and the oil companies are doing all the work, taking all the risks of investment and market.

They hypocrites in both houses that are going on about the evils of big oil are the exact same that WANTED to raise the taxes to raise the price of gas to FORCE conservation like in Europe.

Yet the sheeple (mostly democrats it seem) are more than willing to be led by the short hairs and go on and on about the evil big oil.

And yes, all the wackjobs that have prevented new processing plants from being created are just as responsible for this mess.

And yes, all the wackjobs that have cryied about drilling for our own oil because "it won't be enough anyways". Sure, it doesn't solve the entire problem so sit around and do NOTHING. Yeah, stupid seems to be contagious. Hope they hurry up with the stupid pill!

And the last point, oh no, the government hasn't taken enough money from us to fund research. What does it take people to understand for the government to GIVE money for anything, it has to TAKE money from US in the first place?


The company that developes the technology will make a fortune, so let anyone that wants to develope this themselves.

A socialistic thought pattern will only make America as dark a place as much of europe is now, with the anti-religion/pro-religion efforts, racism running wild, and unemployement through the roof. No thanks.

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I have to comment on 2 things

by jck In reply to You missed another group ...

The Federal Tax of 18.4 cents per gallon is collected in all states, in addition to any state or local taxes on gasoline sales. And, oil companies currently (July 2006) are averaging about $.11 per gallon.

However if you want to be get to the nitty-gritty of it, the US Government pays a big part of that back to the oil companies in both refunds and by other means. For instance in 2005, one bill alone allocated $14.5 billion to be paid out to energy companies. The majority of monies (near 60 percent) were earmarked toward "exploration" for new deposits of natural resources to tap...something obviously worded to benefit oil and natural gas companies the most. And, that was a single piece of legislation.

Hence, the Federal government might collect 18.4 cents per gallon sold. However, they and most other energy companies are collecting much of that back every year in the form of incentives, rebates, write-offs, etc., when it comes down to the bottom line...not just quarterly sales figures.

Hence, oil companies are not taking "all the risk" in anything. They're getting a huge chunk paid for dollars.

Also, I have to comment about your "as dark a place as much of europe is now".

I have to ask you: How many times have you been to Europe in the past few years?? Where do you draw your assumption of how dark "much of europe" is?

I have several personal friends I've known for years in 7 countries in Europe. And, they really enjoy their way of life and don't live a dark existence at all.

In fact, I invite you to show me that the quality of life in "much of europe" is worse than here.

For instance:

My friend in Holland gets a paid holiday in the summer (as do most people in Holland), plus a bonus (I believe it is 30% of his salary) above and beyond his salary and incentives to subsidize their holiday.

He is a structural engineer, and he works for an American-based company.

Does your American-based employer do that for you?

And yes, he does well enough salary-wise to have raised 2 children and his wife does not have to work.

They (he and his wife, my friends) are right now in the United States seeing their son compete in the international drum and bugle corps championships.

Boy...those down-trodden Europeans...they live such dark lives.

To back my assertion with data, and not just my friends' opinions (since I know you probably won't believe my friends from Europe):

26 cities, 17 of which are in Europe...ranked higher than the highest ranked U.S. city, Honolulu.

I think your assumptions are misguided, offense. Perhaps the French have a quite unsettled country at present in Europe. However, I can assure you that "much of europe" has a higher quality of life than we do. ends the sermon.

I have to go take on another of my new job relocation specialist.

That is...I have to go help move desks and computers.

Go have a beer. Cheers. :)

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by TonytheTiger In reply to I have to comment on 2 th ...

If the goverment wasn't doing it (and the taxpayer paying for it), the consumer would be (through higher prices). What's the difference?

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by jck In reply to So

the government doesn't pay you money, in addition to your tax refund, to perform your job function. That's what they're doing for big business like oil and gas producers.

Government sponsored enterprise is basically what it about Communism

Lenin would be proud, Comrade Bush

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You didn't catch my drift.

by TonytheTiger In reply to because

If the government pays for it, it is "us" who are paying for it. If the oil companies add it to the cost of their product, it is "us" who are paying for it.

I will concede, however, that it would be more efficient if the company just added it to the cost of the product, since the process of getting it from us and giving it to them absorbs part of the money (paying the bureaucrats' wages).

Yet one more reason to convert to an entirely consumption based tax system.

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I'm tellin ya...

by jck In reply to You didn't catch my drift ...

sounds good to me.

If I can ever get a job in Ireland, I'll be getting a car from these guys after a couple of years there.

under 60km/ gasoline...200-300km range...all on compressed air.

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So where

by TonytheTiger In reply to I'm tellin ya...

do you get the compressed air :)

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look at the website

by jck In reply to I'm tellin ya...

you can buy a compressor to put in your garage...

or, one of their engine designs is a hybrid to use fossil fuels over 60km/h...which while it uses fossil fuel...recharges the compressed air tanks...

It really is a neat design...I would own one if I lived in Europe.

I think somewhere on the said that with a full tank of gas...and a full tank of compressed air...the car can make it up to 2000km running with the hybrid engine.

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Mr Mover

by jdclyde In reply to I have to comment on 2 th ...

A few points after reading your link. Many of the average European cities rand just a head of our worst on the list, so how is that so sparkling of a standing?

Also, they were rating citings where they do business, not countries. We have some real bad cities and some real great cities.

Our employement rate is still much better than the average in many of these countries.

Sure, you can find shining examples overseas, I can find them here, all over the place. Is not an indicator of the country or the people.

Are there good spots all over? Of course there are. Looking at averages here.

Satisfaction in living? America will always score lowly because there are so many lazy worthless people that expect other people to pay their way.

And as for French being unsettled at present, this has been a downward spiral for decades, and they are getting worse, not better.

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It's not that bad

by t.rohner In reply to Mr Mover

here in europe. It's standard to have 4-5 weeks paid vacations from the first year on a job. Most people can make ends meet on a single job of 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Jobless rates: don't believe in statistics, except you forged it yourself. You have to look at the way social security is handled over here. There are some folks getting more cash from social security instead of working in a low pay job.

Energy politics:
France for example pays you about twice the price of a regular kwh, if you generate it yourself with photovoltaics. Germany gives similar benefits. These measures can help to reduce the dependency on fossil energy, thus reducing the impact of a 100$/barrel oil price.
Preserving energy doesn't nessesarily mean inconvenience. My car makes around 40 mpg with all the stuff like AC, power steering, electric windows, central locking, cd-radio...
When, not if the gallon reaches the 5$ mark, i wouldn't want to drive a Hummer(1).
Preserving and reducing the use of fossil energy also makes sense for reducing co2 output. (just remember Katrina)
The powergrid around here is so stable, that many of our customers don't see the need for a UPS. (i recommend it anyways)

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