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Are these compatible for Win98??

By rodman ·
SOrry for the research that might be needed but heres my computer Im putting together. I purchased a AMD tbird 850 MHZ processor to put in Soyo SY-K7VTA-B. Also I put a 512 MB RAM chip in that works with the via Kt-133 chipset.
Ive includes the website for the motherboard so you can see the specs.,
White ATX Case W/300W Power Supply
Motorola modem 56k Pci FX-56 Moto
Samsung 12x8x32 CDRW
Western Digital 20 Gig Hard Drive

I believe that should be enough info. If you need any other info please let me know. I believe it is compatible but want to make sure with all the problems I have with trying to install Win98

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Ask the maker

by gmscne In reply to Are these compatible for ...

Why don't you ask the people who made the software? Wouldn't they know about this?

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Sorry, I mean Are these compatible

by rodman In reply to Are these compatible for ...

Sorry I meant are these compatible with each other. Would they run properly? I plan on installing win98

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by gmscne In reply to Sorry, I mean Are these c ...

I think all of this should work fine together. In fact it sounds like a very nice system you're building. Get a nice fast video adapter to go with it all. Good luck.

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