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Are you Addicted to the Internet ? - Chat, Games

By Black Panther ·
Researchers studying Online behavior have different opinions about the existence of "Internet addiction."

People develop problems with certain activities which they do online.

There are people who compulsively chat online, people who compulsively download pornography, and people who compulsively play games.

Griffiths uses a fairly traditional definition of addiction which involves the following features:

Salience: the activity or drug becomes the most important activity in a person's life
Mood modification: feeling a buzz or high, or feeling numb or tranquil.

Tolerance: Increasing amounts of the substance or activity are needed over time to produce the same euphoric effect.

Withdrawal symptoms: unpleasant feeling states which occur when the substance or activity is removed.

Conflict: Interpersonal conflict because of the substance or activity, and intrapersonal conflict within the individual.

Relapse: the tendency to repeatedly revert to earlier pathological patterns of use, and for the most extreme patterns of use to be quickly restored after many years of control or abstinence. (summarized from Griffiths, 1997)

What do you think - is there any difference between online activities and other activities for addiction?

I know for me that now MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games )has replaced the CHAT forums.

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I suffer some addiction symptoms

by illilli In reply to Are you Addicted to the I ...

I don't know if online addictions can be compared directly to other addictions. Other addictions always seem to have some physical or financial attribute heavily interlaced with them like alchohol, gambling or drugs. However, there is no doubt in my mind that many aspects of the internet are addictive.

Reading and posting here on Tech Republic can be a little addictive even. I also play a MMORPGs (Neveron - Promo Code "Earn Free Money"), which along with chatting has at times become quite addictive and has actually kept me up late on a few work nights.

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Well I ... sorry got to run - am being called

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Are you Addicted to the I ...

for another game. Can't miss out on that for anything, can I.

editted to fix typos

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My child is a little addicted to the Internet

by Kim Trevis In reply to Well I ... sorry got to r ...

I'm not. But my 13 yr old is a little addicted to the Internet. We are concerned about this and have known that this is becoming a problem. So to avoid the risks associated with Internet addictions and other pathological Internet behaviour, I use Internet filtering software Ez Internet Timer which allows me to disable the internet connection after a specified amount of time.

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