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Are you ready to die?

By jardinier ·
No, this is not an off-topic discussion, but a figment of your imagination as are, in my opinion, convictions on the afterlife which are based on religious beliefs. It is a subject which I have wanted to open to a diverse audience for some time.

Summarising briefly:

I am not sure what Judaism teaches, but I do not know of any reference to an afterlife in the Old Testament.

If you are a committed Christian, you may look forward to spending all eternity with your Saviour, Jesus Christ. I have in fact encountered many Christians who, while in no hurry to die, because they believe they are ?saved,? actually look forward to death for this reason. If you fail to pass the test however, you will spend eternity in torment in hellfire.

From my very superficial understanding of Islam, I think the belief may be similar to the Christian belief.

If you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Theosophist or New Ager, you will expect to be reincarnated in a body and circumstances determined by positive or negative karma produced in this life. I am actually amazed to learn that many of the Buddhists and Hindus whom I know are quite convinced that they may be reborn as an animal if their karma so dictates.

An agnostic would not, I guess, have the slightest interest in what, if anything will occur after physical death.

An atheist would no doubt assert that upon corporeal death, there is total annihilation of individual consciousness.

As for myself, I maintain an open mind. As I have never met anyone who has returned from the dead, this possibility remains purely hypothetical. As for reincarnation, I have no recollection of past lives, so that this theory also comes from third parties. I understand that past lives may be recalled under hypnosis or Scientology auditing. But can the subject know that these recollections are genuine?

While I am not in any hurry to find out for myself, the prospect of death does not hold any fear for me. A Professor Emeritus of Biology, who was also a Christian, once made the statement: ?Life after birth is more important than life after death.?

This, I consider, is a very sensible attitude because, whatever you believe about a possible afterlife, the only way to prepare for it is to do the best of which you are capable in this life.

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My Death

by aquaris In reply to Are you ready to die?

I am One of them

who have returned from death so to speak..

I was critically injured in a Bomb blast...

in my country while I was on vacations.( 13 August 2001 in a remote area called Kalam in my country Pakistan....Its in the Northern Part of my country and is as beautiful and scenic as switzerland )

the bomb was placed under a stall.( 14 Aug being independence day of Pakistan so there were celebrations all around)

and it hit full impact on my right side..

i was thrown away about 10-12 Feets.

It was just like one being suddenly hit by a very high voltage...

I laid there , don't know how long. But I was fully aware , yet my body had gone Numb and even that blood was flowing from my body..I felt nothing no sense no feeling.

then they took me to a local dispensary..
where they stitched some of my wounds and then took me the nearest Hospital ( Saidu Sharif) which was about 30-40 Miles away...and took about 6-8 hrs as the road were was raining very heavily.
..Its there while Being operated I think I died.
I was rushed into the operation theatre. then they gave me anesthesia...and minutes after
I found myself floating above my body.

I could clearly see my self being operated.
My right side was completely damaged...and it had a large gapping hole in my back...about
16-18 inch by 8-10 inch in length..

...yet the strangest thing was I saw my lips moving though I could not hear anything..
But the surprised look on the surgeon face...convinced me that I was telling them where to look for splinters in my body..
which .

....Before I saw my body floating above ....
I had a sudden rushing movement...every thing swirrled....and every thing became first a cube then a dot...and then very fast moving light beems....all similiar but different ...I cannot explain the difference but each beem was different..

then it was all black ......the amazing thing is I was also watching myself being operated at the same time.

there was nothing but pitch blackness...and I heard some one behind my back...I could not turn back and I did not wanted to turn back..

...that some one was talking in some very strange language....' Hebrew, Arabic, ...don't know which' But I could understand what was being said....I cannot now recall it...the memories have dimmed....But I knew I could understand it..
then I saw four white spots...and was told its my wife and my three kids...
then was pitch black...

....and then when I woke again...I was travelling again in the Ambulance to be taken to the Nearest City (Peshawar....and then to Lahore my city of Residence then ...Now I have moved back to my Father in Karachi...)

I was admitted in my City's Hospital and stayed for about three month there....(Lahore's Hospital... as they Told me I was in no condition to travel...and for three month contanly visiting the operation theatre...)

Its been Nearly 2 3/4 years since I had my accident...But still some time I wake up during the Night and the whole Incident repeats itself..

and in the morning I have a sudden yearning to Die ..

Well thats My story if any one can comment on it.

I have Lost an eye...My Right...and my right side though covered up...still troubles me..

I have tried to be its painful to recall it..

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Thank you so much ....

by jardinier In reply to My Death

for your detailed account of your near-death experience. As you will no doubt know, countless thousands of people have this type of experience during surgery, which of course does sugggest an afterlife.

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Permission to republish

by jardinier In reply to My Death

Dear aquaris. From time to time I ask permission of TR members to republish their postings on one or other of my websites.

Your story would be very apppropriate for the website

If you are agreeable, would you please email me and include your full name, and the town or city in Pakistan where you live.

Thank you, Julian

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Well I don't really know how to answer this one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are you ready to die?

But as a firm believer in Science I do understand that no energy can be destroyed only transmuted into different forms of energy. Now weather that means Heaven/Hell, reincarnation or whatever I'm not sure but as I have meet the Dali Lama on numerous occasions I do know for certain that he is a firm believer in reincarnation and firmly believes that he can remember some of his previous lives.

Now some may like to call this wishful thinking but unless they have meet the man and have at the very least a working knowledge of him they are unable to offer any opinions and those that do know him will say he is sincere in what he believes to the point of being believable when asked things about which he should know nothing.

Now I would like to think about the Christian beliefs in Heaven and Hell that I was taught when younger and in all honestly the idea of sitting around in Heaven playing harps certainly is not my idea of something that I would be the slightest bit interested in in any after life. Maybe if Heaven was a different thing for different people it might prove a more palatable belief to me at least you know a place where Windows actually works the way it was supposed to and you don't need to upgrade hardware and software constantly. And Hell could be where we are now with the same technology but missing the Control, ALT and Delete keys off the keyboards of the computers that we are forced to attempt to keep running.

Whoops it seems like I'm describing Hell where we are now as everything in computers is constantly changing and the only certainty is that whatever version of Windows we are going to run will need constant patching and testing of those patches before we apply them network wide.


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Eternal life

by jardinier In reply to Well I don't really know ...

"Now I would like to think about the Christian beliefs in Heaven and **** that I was taught when younger and in all honestly the idea of sitting around in Heaven playing harps certainly is not my idea of something that I would be the slightest bit interested in in any after life."

Without in any way intending to criticise the Christian faith or individual Christians, I have NEVER met a Christian who actually looked at the implication of eternal life with Christ.

As I like to say, eternity is a very long time, and afer a few trillion years living in a place where there is no sin or temptation, one could be excused for getting bored.

However if computers are permitted in Heaven, then you could take your own living **** (compliments of Microsoft) with you.

Or you might like (after a few trillion years) to approach St Peter and tell him you are getting bored, and ask could you please take a vacation in **** where there is a bit of action?

Additionally from a logical and scientific point of view, the only thing that is ever-present in the universe is "change." Thus anything that is eternally the same would be inconsistent with the natural law.

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Well maybe latter today I'll know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are you ready to die?

At least in a "Technical Sense" as I'm currently installing SP2 the pre-release version on this unit. After a through test on a similar unit I thought I'd take the plunge and see what damage I can do.

Well another complete reload from scratch will be nothing new on this computer after all I had to get new activation keys for all 18 Microsoft products twice in two days so now it has been nearly 1 month I might as well try again to mess up Windows.

But this time I accept the fact that I'm effectively being a "Beta" tester as now I consider all the current Microsoft product Beta versions so I might as well get with the action and try to really muck up Windows.

After all it just might work.


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I don't think anyone is ever truely ready for death.

by SaxyAngels In reply to Are you ready to die?

The belife in reincarnation is similar to the belife in a life after death. It is the strong will of there being something more to us then just living and dying. Why else do we procreate except to keep ourselves alive in the children we have. There is some truth to the idea of reicarnation, but maybe not as we think we understand it. Life after death is a sort of reincarnation, if you think about it, since we are continuing on in spirit if not in body.

With people who can "hear" the dead speak, we can only surmise that there is a life after death, so why not the possiblity that some people are reincarnated, if not as people, but as a pet come to keep us company.

Just my own thoughts on the matter. Not intending to say that this is the only way to belive. Why do so many cultures belive in the here-after/reincarnation?

Think about it....what does the belife in either or both do for us, except to help us try and cope with our own mortality.

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Not sure but trying to be.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Are you ready to die?

First - Daniel 12:2 "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlastin contemplation." A clear Old Testemant reference to life after death, need to reread the whole book again to be sure about any others.

There have been many reported cases of 'near death' experiences, some good some bad. Some doctors say that these are just halucinations due to unusually brain activity. Yet the really good documented case speak of the 'near death' experience happening AFTER there brain activity had stopped (EEG recordings to support this), which makes you wonder how you have unusual brain activity if none is happening.

There are plenty of reported and documented cases of ghosts, both good and bad, which indiate that something of people can exist after the physical body has gone. Also there are plenty of documented cases of people like the guy in 'Crossing Over' if he, and other psychics, are NOT getting info from dead people watching what is happening, where are they getting the info about current and past events?

For many years I had a problem with these and other issues of faith and religion (not the two seperate items) and came to an understanding that our souls are an energy form of some sort and that the souls of the dead are existing somewhere. Some of them, if not all, continue to habitate this planet but the ability to see or hear them is not common, on some people can or they can do so in some places. Beyond this area of proven knowledge is belief/faith as to what the rest is.

I personally believe in God and that everyone has an opportunity to join him after death and that is through the redemption of our saviour Jesus, the Christ, those who do not have the opportunity to accept His sacrific in this world will be given an opportunity to do so in the next.

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Proof of a soul?

by jardinier In reply to Not sure but trying to be ...

I don't remember where I read the following, as it was a long time ago.

But in controlled conditions a dying person's body was weighed before death qnd immediately after death. There was a measurable loss of weight after the soul left the body, suggesting that the soul actually has physical mass.

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21 grams

by maecuff In reply to Proof of a soul?

the weight of the human soul. (learned that from the movie)

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