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AS400 BASICS ....anyone? I need advice

By -vortex magnet- ·
I am currently searching for basic knowledge/definition of AS400 platform basics. I have found very little specific knowledge for beginners. I have worked with this platform but only on a 'one step removed' basis, as I was a Sr. Analyst but not an IT person. Now, I thirst for this knowledge and have a great desire to learn more about it. Searches seem to result in every topic besides AS400 related stuff. I am not to proud to beg and need some direction here.

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Not everyone can afford such equipment....

by fungus-among-us In reply to AS400 BASICS ....anyone? ...

is probably why you're not finding the information you need. The AS400 is an IBM mainframe, and there are plenty of organizations who do not need such equipment. Maybe a google search on the programming language/complier that the as400 uses... RPG400, would be more helpful?? Maybe you should go right to the "horse's mouth" so to say and look at IBM's enterprise site? The AS/400 - RPG/400 instructor from the local tech college I attended, begged IBM for an updated AS400, and they finally caved in an gave us one of their "less expensive" models... it was retailed at $1,000,000.00

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OH Yes, my ignorance is showing -but you are correct!

by -vortex magnet- In reply to Not everyone can afford s ...

thanks so much for snapping me out of this loop with a good answer in simple terms. previous to pleading to the kindness of strangers[thanks again for the quick reply], i did use the exact same method as you suggested.. - i started by using a Google search and boy, did i wear out the IBM site looking for a definitive answer (twice!) but was annoyed and felt somewhat amused by the fact that from the thousands of hits found using an advanced search on, i found nary an overview or definitive explanation as to what "AS400" or "AS/400" specifically represents. after scanning several articles i did find that vague mentions [again, not definitive] were made connecting
'relationships' to -systems, -printing, -servers, -software, -platforms, -Lotus servers, -support and of course DB management in general. --at this point, feeling like quite the knuclehead, i downloaded a redbook that contained numerous references to this mystery concept and found that hardcore data on it has been mostly removed because IBM no longer markets this/these product(s) there you go.. in any case, i learned more from your submission than +-1 hour of websearching, something i normally pride myself on as an analyst, but remain even more impressed by the fact you were benevolent enough to provide an answer. thanks fungus.

....of little interest i'm sure, yet i'm compelled to state that as an analyst i am still learning architectures but survive as sole operator of a software application and provider of various reports/analyses. plus, a liason between true IT wizards and product/buyers, management and the like, which is great but has once again left me -in a vortex.

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Message has been deleted.

by cdavid In reply to OH Yes, my ignorance is s ...

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That depends on the box you buy

by maecuff In reply to Not everyone can afford s ...

We just upgraded ours and bought a refurbished system for 36K. Personally, I wouldn't have gone that route, but I'm not in charge.

In a previous life, what I found, if you stayed on their upgrade path, you could generally do so for 175K to 250K. Again, that depends on the size of the box.

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Web Sites regarding AS/400

by mikesandcitp In reply to AS400 BASICS ....anyone? ...

The iseries is great machine cost a a lot less then a $1,000,000 as was implies. For average midsize small business it can run anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000 depending on your needs. The smaller servers are in a smaller price range. It is a lot more than just a mainframe.
These sites might help:

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Heck, if you're still looking...

by seanferd In reply to AS400 BASICS ....anyone? ...

IBM had a 2 disk set AS/400:Getting to Know Your System. One disk runs on a PC, and the other runs on the 400. The disc set number is SK2T-9622-00 and the one I have is from 1996. The indivdual disk for PC has a number: GC41-4028-00 and the AS/400 disk: GC41-4027-00.

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