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Atari Retro!

By Tink! ·

Saw this at Walmart when I was shopping with the kids. I said I know what I'm getting you guys for your birthday!

It gave me an overwhelming sense of nostalgia since the Atari 64 was my first video game system.

Granted we have a PS2 and could get an Atari anthology for that, but this sooo much cooler as it has re-creations of the original joysticks!!

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I have one

by jkaras In reply to Atari Retro!

I got it for Christmas from my cousin. The 2600 was my first home system. I was the king of Pitfall. I could play for hours. That is why I havent taken the Retro out of the box. If I did my gaming habit would take further time away from my life. I doubt that I would play it regularly, maybe when the fellas come over and make a few hours of it for kicks and giggles.
Other favorites where;
Missle Command
Track and Field
Dig Dug
Custards Revenge (x-rated game too funny)
so many more cant quite remeber.

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All classics

by Tink! In reply to I have one

My brother was good at Pitfall. I was best at Breakout.
I liked Missile Command (now have updated version for PS2), Defender and Space Invaders.

Dig Dug is on a Namco Collection for PS2. My kids play that one alot.

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