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By luv2bike2 ·
i am using Microsoft Outlook 2003 to have my ISP email go into. i am not sure when this started to happen but when someone sends me an email message with an email message attached to it, i can not open it up. I can however open up pictures that are attached to email messages. i can forward the email message with the email attachment to another account or back to my original email address and access it through the web with no problems. so i am figuring it some thing within Outlook is causing this problem. There is no message in Outlook saying that it is blocked or stripped.
Any one have any clue as to what is happening here?

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What do you see?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to attached email messages

When you receive one of these emails, do you see the attachment paperclip? Describe what you see in preview.

Are you trying to double click the email attachment to open it from within preview? What happens if you double click the email itself and actually open it? Do you see the attachment there? Can you double click the attachment from there?

While viewing the email and you click File -> Save Attachments, is the email message attachment listed as one you can save?

What kind of anti-virus software are you running? Does it block unsafe attachments attachments?

Are you running any other type of software that might block unsafe email attachments?

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email attachments

by luv2bike2 In reply to What do you see?

thanks for your response.

i see a paper clip next to "from".
when i open up the original email message the attachment shows an envelope. I double click it and nothing happens, i right click and choose open, nothing happens. i "save attachments" and go to the location where i saved it and try to open it up and nothing happens, it will not open up.

i am running Norton Internet Security 2007 with Virus protection, inbound firewall, windows auto update, protection updates, spyware protection and full system scan all on. i turned off scanning incoming messages and sent a messaeg with an email attached to it from another email account to the one that i am having a problem with that goes to Outlook and i still can not open up the attached email message.
i am not running any other software that would "block unsafe email attachments".

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What file type is the attachment?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to email attachments

Can you see the full file name of the attachment? If so, what is the file extension? Is it .MSG or .EML or what?

Sounds to me as if your Level 1 file type list (those file types that are automatically blocked in Outlook) has either been modified, or the file type that the attachment is coming through as is one of the default file types that are blocked.

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File type

by luv2bike2 In reply to What file type is the att ...

Sorry i did not get back to you sooner, i was away.
any way the file type is .eml
i am confused though if Outlook is blocking the .eml than how is it that i can forward that message in outlook to another email account and be able to open up the attached email message. if outlook is blocking it wouldn't it strip it so that i would not see the attachment?
where would i go to unblock the default file type if what you are saying is the case as to why i can not open it up.

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by balaji.vp In reply to attached email messages

possible try on outlook
click on tool -> options
Email - > Email Options
on the bottom of the pave
on replies and forwards
Choose "When forwarding a message "
Include original mesage text

probally this might fix the issue

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email option

by luv2bike2 In reply to Outlook

the email options that you suggested was already set as: "include original message text".
the problem is when i receive email messages with email messages attached, not when i reply or forward the messages. I can forward the message to another email account that i have that i retrieve through the web and i can open the attachment.

this is really fustrating. thanks for your reply. any other suggestions?

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