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Australian soldiers are so good

By jardinier ·
that in order to suffer casualities in Iraq, they have to do it themselves.,10117,188**593-2,00.html

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In the first Gulf War,

by neilb@uk In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

we had nearly as many killed by US forces as by the "enemy" - 9 out of 24.

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My father (Navy) got a medal

by oneamazingwriter In reply to In the first Gulf War,

for going in a chopper to shore to let the army know that they were shooting at their own ship! That was during the Korean conflict. My husband told me of such things following the Vietnam War. Sad and strange.

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Some of the things that the NAM Vets

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My father (Navy) got a me ...

Have told me are similar but it's extremely hard to understand them as they tend to only talk about their experiences in Nan when Severely Drunk and are LEGLESS at the time that they let things Slip. :^0

One of the Gulf War Vets will not speak about his experiences there either unless well and truly under the influence of the Daemon Drink I learn far more about his time spent in the Gulf by cleaning out his computer that what I ever hear from him and he was a Surgeon. So instead of Beer He's into the Expensive Scotch particularly on the DRY US Navy Ships.

If he wasn't such a funny guy I would never put up with his Blackmail but as I can't help but laugh when he's standing over me with a Scalpel and insists that he's so worried about some computer that his hand might slip of course by this time he's already made the first cut so I just accept things and do the work.

But what really gets me worried is when I get a phone call from him telling me that I have an appointment to see him then I know that something really nasty has happened and he wants it fixed but is unwilling to ask me unless I'm at a severe disadvantage. :_|

Col ]:)

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by dawgit In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

no matter how it happened, it's still sad. That he was in Irxx is polical stupidity, that he is dead, that's sad.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Sad

I really don't have any differen tor better words than you just used. I agree.

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Knowing many in the Regular Army

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

I find this story hard to believe as I know what these people are taught about the firearms that they carry and use.

More likely it's one of the Substandard Brendon Nelson's supplied Rifles that has caused this to happen. I just can not imagine any possibility where a Regular Army person could do such a thing accidentally and if they wanted to do it they wouldn't have made such a mess of it they would have killed them self immediately.

I would put it down to the WW1 ammo that is supplied to them that doesn't fit the weapons that the AU Army supplies.


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Hey, lay off Lord Nelson !

by jardinier In reply to Knowing many in the Regul ...

He's my local Federal Representative.

We used to be great buddies until the article below was published in a local free magazine. The next time I walked into his office, everybody looked at me as if I had horns and a tail. ]:)

The Story Of Bradfield Electorate

By Julian Hancock

Liberal and Labour allegiances are enigmatically entwined in the Federal seat of Bradfield. Created after a redistribution in 1948, the first election for the new seat was held in 1949. While this election led to the establishment of the first Liberal Government under Sir Robert Menzies, it also introduced as the first representative for Bradfield, William Morris Hughes ? ?The little digger? ? who had been Prime Minister of Australia under a Labour-led coalition from 1**5 to 1**7. After a party split over the conscription of Australian men for World War I, Billy Hughes formed a coalition with the conservatives. He served as Prime Minister in the Conservative Government until 1923 when he resigned.

Earlier in his career, in 1894, he was elected to the New South Wales Parliament, representing the Lang district of Sydney as a member of the Labour Party. In the beginning of last century, he was involved in the creation of the current Labor Party. (Please note the new spelling of Labor).

Our incumbent representative, Dr Brendan Nelson, came from a strong Labour background and was for many years a member of the Labour Party. In 1995 he stood down from his position as Federal President of the Australian Medical Association to become the endorsed Liberal Party Candidate for the seat of Bradfield.

Between these two Labour-turned-Liberal representatives, the seat has been held by Henry Turner (1952 ? 1974) and David Connolly (1974 ? 1996). For more than half a century since its inception, Bradfield has been a safe Liberal Seat.

The primary vote in Bradfield at the 1998 election was distributed as follows: Nelson (LP) 64.37%; Kailainathan (ALP) 18.80%; Morris (DEM) 7.81%; Webeck (HAN) 3.82%; Allas (GRN); 2.99%; Informal 2.85%; Ratcliffe (CDP) 1.66%; Kiely (NLP) 0.56%. On a two-party preferred basis, the result was: Nelson (LP) 73.20%; Kailainathan (ALP) 26.80%. Bradfield is still a VERY safe Liberal seat.

However, nothing lasts forever. Taking into consideration the widespread criticism of the current Federal administration, both from the general public and from within Mr Howard?s own Government, it would seem inevitable that the already declining Liberal primary vote in Bradfield (down from 70% in 1993 to 64% in 199 will slip back even further in this year?s election.

The new Labor candidate for Bradfield, Mrs Kathie Blunt, who was profiled in the July edition of the KO, is determined to spread the Labor ?gospel? as far and widely as possible. I do not carry a banner for any particular party or candidate, but I am concerned that such an imbalance of representation as we have in this electorate may not be a healthy situation. I suspect it could, or probably already has led to apathy on the part of traditional Liberal voters, and a feeling of impotence or futility on the part of Labor and would-be Labor voters.

Our electorate is named after Dr John Job Crew Bradfield who, as a highly qualified engineer built, among other things, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Perhaps we could use this as a symbol to work towards bridging the gap between people of differing political persuasions, so that we can all work together to build a better Australia.

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Hey Jules

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hey, lay off Lord Nelson ...

If I attempt to get my Great Uncles name pulled from that Electorate who it was named after do you think it would help?

It might not make any difference to the Squatting Member but at least my Family's name wouldn't be involved with someone responsible for providing substandard equipment to our Military Personal.

Col ]:)

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My dear Dr Luck

by jardinier In reply to Hey Jules

[Yes I know you hate being addressed correctly]
]:) I am most honoured to know that my electorate was named after a relative of yours.

I am sure you would know that Bradfield was a real visionary who planned for infrastructure well into the future.

There are in existence certain railway tunnels that were started under his advice but never completed. Now -- 70 years or so more later -- there is chaos in Sydney as these oversights are being recognised and belatedly attended to.

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But it gets better Julian

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My dear Dr Luck

John Bradfield wanted to turn all the coastal rivers inland and dam them so we would have a ready supply of water. I don't think I need to tell you what we don't have now do I?

He was also responsible for starting the Engineers Society as well as being a head Lecturer at the Sydney University he got his way there and Warped Young Minds to His Way of Thinking. :^0

A throughly nice guy who knew what was required even if those in Power at the time lacked the ability to see further than the end of their noses.

Col ]:)

PS This time I'll let you get away with the DR rubbish but I'm not responsible or punishable for Hijacking any threads right!

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