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Baby Llama

By Bob in Calgary ·
Yesterday I was just checking the barn and found a newly born baby LLama (Totally surprised as we didn't think any were due for 5 months) She weighs in at 21 pounds, both mum and baby are doing well. To lighten up the discussion board does anyone have any good names? our ranch is called mystical hill camelids so a name along those lines would be appropriate.

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So you're looking for....

by Salamander In reply to Baby Llama

...mystical names? How 'bout Freya (Norse goddess), Bridget (Celtic), or Circe (the mischievous sorceress)?

What's mum's name?

Congrats on the little one!

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by Cactus Pete In reply to So you're looking for....

Bridgid would be a better spelling.

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You're right....

by Salamander In reply to Celtic bad! Can't spell today.

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How about...

by Jessie In reply to You're right....

Morrigan - Celtic warrior goddess
Valkyrie - Norse "choser of the slain"
Brynhildr - a Valkyrie
Sigrun - a Valkyrie
Mist - another Valkyrie
Kara - yet ANOTHER Valkyrie

and congratulations on your new Llittle Llama

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to So you're looking for....

The Mum's name is crackerjack and we aren't sure of the father it's either sundance or iceman, we'll have to do a dna test to find out. We got the mum in the summer so she was already pregnant but the previous owners didn't keep any breeding records hence the surprise at finding a 10 min. old baby in the barn.

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Baby Llama

by Salamander In reply to Parents

If pop is Iceman, how about Ice Princess? Or, if mum was named after the yummy snack food, there is Ice Cream...

Hope that mum and baby are doing well...can't imagine caring for a newborn in this cold!

Whatever you decide on for a name, please post back and let us know what you've named her. :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Parents

What always comes out of a Crackerjack box?

A Surprise!!

And a surprise it was....I am sure for her too if she wasn't due. Mind you, I am sure she knew better than you all along. She probably remembers that drunken night in her prom dress very well. Did she tell you she was off to Jenny Lynn's for punch and Scrabble after the prom?

So "SURPRISE" works too. or 'Dumb Sticker thing" I guess.

(Whatever happened to cool prizes in Crackerjack? You need to upgrade to Kinder eggs to get good loot now. Or those 5" Round Christmas Kinder Balls have really cool toys in them!)

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by Salamander In reply to SURPRISE!!!!
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How about Mystic

by Oz_Media In reply to Baby Llama

How about 'Mystic' after your ranch name and 'Into the Mystic' by Van Morrison. Plus her birth sounds pretty mystical.

or Jesus,

Sure it's a little off color but I envisioned the three wise men and a virgin Llama looking quite surprised the way you described this 'finding' in the barn.

Maybe she's a Magical Mystery Llama? Smoke a joint with her and see if she prefers Ringo, John, Paul or George.

I still like Mystic though and Missy would work as a knickname with her being a girl.

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Some names

by maxwell edison In reply to Baby Llama

Andy (or Ande)



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