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Backup software for replaced hd's

By SeanBoz ·
replaced 10 gig hd with a new 20 gig hd in a dell 7500 laptop. Used N. Ghost to image old hd to a maxtor 80gig ext 1394 firewire drive. I have installed the drivers for the maxtor drive on the new int hd. When I boot up using a ghost disk, I am not able to see the maxtor ext drive, so I am not able to copy the image to the new drive.
Any suggestions?

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Additional comments

by SeanBoz In reply to Backup software for repla ...

I have also used Vcom's drive works, but that didn't work either. There has to be a simpler and quicker way to move data from a laptop hd to another laptop hd. The connectors for the hd's are not the standard connectors so I am not able to find a cable that allows me to connect both laptop hd's together and try copying data that way. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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by LordInfidel In reply to Additional comments

The easiset way to move data between 2 systems (be laptop 2 laptop, desktop 2 laptop or whatever) is to have a nic installed in each one, get a crossover cable, assign a pvt ip address to each nic, and then get into each system via IP.

That's theeasiest and quickest way.

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It is not a system to system

by SeanBoz In reply to NIC's

Thanks LordInfidel for the reply.

I am trying to take the data off of the old 10 gig hd and transfer it over to a new 20 gig hd. So I am going from one hd to another hd. The hd will not fit into any of the other systems that I have.
Any other suggestions?

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I agree with lordInfidel

by kcmeat In reply to NIC's

Using NIC's is the quickest easiest way. Here's how I do it (assuming your original 10 gig drive is still good)...

1. Put your laptop together with the original 10gig drive in it and connect it to a Windows 2k box (with ghost multicast server) via crossover cable.
2. Use Norton's Multicast Assist utility to create a multicast boot disk for your laptop. Set the IP on the boot disk statically as with a subnet mask (I use this IP because I'm too lazy to set the 2k box with a static IP)
3. Boot the laptop with the new disk and boot the 2k box into Windows.
4. Dump the image from the laptop to the 2k box with Norton Multicast Server.
5. Put the new drive in the laptop and reverse the process..

I know thismeans you'll have to redump the image you already have but it doesn't take long once you have it all set up.

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Ghost comments...

by LordInfidel In reply to Backup software for repla ...

From my understanding of ghost, it will only know about any drives that are attached locally. That is before the OS takes over and installed other drives, such as external firewire and USB drives.

So realistically, what ever drives you can see when you boot up from a boot disk, are the ones you can use.

There is a way though; boot up into the OS, and then use ghost from within windows, you should be able to see the external drive then.

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Thanks LordInfidel

by SeanBoz In reply to Ghost comments...

I will have to try running ghost from windows, and see if that will work. But if I am replacing a disk image, wouldn't that fail? Because the system that I am booting from would be the system that I am trying to replace with the image. Or am I missing something here?

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Ghosting with laptops

by clearsmashdrop In reply to Thanks LordInfidel

There are several ways to ghost laptops.

1) Use norton ghost to create TCP/IP boot disk for the Laptops NIC card. ( for me its a 3COM 3c905x, because I have a dell latitude and docking station )

2) Dump the ghost to another laptop or dump theghost to a dedicated machine. I use an old p2-400 with 30gb drive. That machine also has a network boot disk and stores all my ghost images.

3) make sure the drive you are dumping it too is FAT32 or else ghost will not see it.
Ghost can image an NTFS drive but it needs to dump it to a FAT/FAT32 partition. At least thats true for the version of ghost I have. Norton Ghost 2001.

4) Finally are you able to create a new partition on the existing 10gb drive with something like partition magic? If so you can just ghost from one partition to the other, reboot, dump the image to the network and then reverse the process. This works but is cumbersome and time consuming.

Anyway let us know how you do!

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Thanks for the help.

by SeanBoz In reply to Ghosting with laptops

I will try that this weekend. Thanks for all of the advise. I will let you know how it works out.
Thanks for the suggestions.


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