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Ban No titles in replies!

By oneamazingwriter ·
ROFL... You guys are taking up 8 spaces under My Contact links for discussions!! Just take the culprits out and shoot them and let's get on with it!


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by onbliss In reply to Ban No titles in replies!

Is it "Ban replies with No Titles" ? :-)

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What she said was

by jdclyde In reply to :-)

there are no titles that are to be banned, if it is a reply.

But if it is NOT a reply, we are then allowed to ban them? ;\

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There is a very easy solution.

by deepsand In reply to Ban No titles in replies!

Simply delete all of your Contacts!

Poof, we're gone.

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Deepsand! Technical question

by oneamazingwriter In reply to There is a very easy solu ...

What's the best thing to use to wipe this iced tea off my monitor? No warning at all! ROFL

edit: to put an n in thing
thig: a wannabe thug

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Either a sandblaster, or ...

by deepsand In reply to Deepsand! Technical quest ...

a new monitor.

On 2nd thought, just go with the latter, as the former will end up requiring such.

Let me know if this fails to solve your problem.

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Question Answered and Rated: 1,000 points

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Either a sandblaster, or ...

just as soon as I earn them, which will probably be about the time I can afford a new monitor!

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Sorry all questions should be posted

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Question Answered and Rat ...

In the Technical Q & A Section or they will not get answered. :^0

Sandy knows this and should have know better than to answer your question so he's now going to be punished by having 1,000,000 Tech Points deducted from his total amount that he's currently holding and have them returned to the TR Points pool.

But if you want to earn 1,000 points all you have to do is ask a Question in the TQ&A Section and when you close it off you'll get 1,000 points awarded to you. Of course the Abuse of this Section by asking silly questions that can not be answered also incurs a 100,000 point deduction.

I wrote these rules several months ago. :)

It's part of the new TR Rules if you care to look them up Sandy should know better.

But it gets even better if you lack sufficient Points TR sends Gino & Luigi out to have a little Talk to you and encourage you to pay the fine the day before the bill was incurred by using a pair of Bolt Cutters to make you see the reason Why It Is So of course when they run out of toes and anything else that they can slip into the Bolt Cutters they start on your fingers but this is always a Last Resort as it prevents you from typing so your responses to TR get messy. ?

This makes a couple of Monitor Wipes look really cheap doesn't it? I have to add the expenses incurred of sending out Gino and Luigi are also added to the bill as TR can not be responsible for the costs incurred in collecting the money for the Tech Points either. :0

Sandy has been on the run for quite a few months now and I'll bet that he's hoping that we forgot about his previous indescressions But We Haven't! ;\

Col ]:)

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F F F Fingers?

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Sorry all questions shoul ...

You mean I'm not supposed to be hitting the keyboard with my nose? WOW! That will save me a lot of edits until your boys arrive!!

I think I dated Gino once. He's the one with the pizza stains on his shirt, right?

And Luigi...isn't he the one who used to lithp until he learned to say "Dat's right, Boss"?

But the toes? Oh my! Oh! my! I'm a Pisces who loves her Pinkies! It's they who keep me barefoot and know what "Live free or die!" really means.

Stay tuned, Folks, for the next episode of the End User's Dilemna! Will Oaw go Ow! Will Gino settle for a plate of pasta and a warm smile? Will Luigi even find his way here?

Just in case, does anyone wanna lend me some points?

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Its OK I have diverted them by

by Deadly Ernest In reply to F F F Fingers?

telling them it is "All the pasta and wine you can eat for $5 night" at the Bywater Hotel - they left in a hurry (that's one of those fancy fast cars). So they should not trouble you for some time - parking around the Bywater is next to impossible so they should spend a week or more trying to park.

Typing with your nose - that sends you crossed eyed trying to keep on target.

Now points on loan

1. Always bet on leading apprentice jockey to place - makes money over the long run.

2. I have a few knives and bayonets that have some nice points too.

3. For protection buy a cougar or two, release them into your yard and put up a sign - "Please do not feed the cats". Then follow the sign - the burglars and process servers will keep them well fed for years.

edited to fix typo

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You don't know the half of my indiscretions.

by deepsand In reply to Sorry all questions shoul ...

Just wait 'till the book comes out!

That's assuming that the author ever completes it. He's been working on it for over 6 years, and is still stuck on chapter 14 of what now looks like a 16 chapter work.

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