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By advancedgeek ·
Seems like this website times out a lot...probably because it's busy (these discussions are addicting) but it seems like you guys need a fatter pipe (get your mind out of the gutter!) :)

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It's gotten terrible in the last week

by stress junkie In reply to bandwidth

The number of times that I get a timeout trying to load a page is almost equal to the number of times that it works. Not to mention the problem of trying to post a message only to have the connection time out and see the 'The page you requested cannot be found' message.

I said it before. That 300 baud accoustic modem just isn't doing the job.

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They are using

by jdclyde In reply to It's gotten terrible in t ...

their home AOL account because of the spam and virus protection over dial-up, don't ya know?

Then it connects their 486 computer running win2003 server. (full install)

Fatter pipe huh?

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I would say

by Jaqui In reply to They are using

it's the new site script.
getting time out and page not found errors since the changeover.

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Blame Microsoft

by house In reply to It's gotten terrible in t ...

It's the 2003 clustering - obviously implemented to fix this problem - brought about a new issue with the same result.

Don't worry though... it is a priority issue - trust that they are working towards perfecting this.

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After all

by jdclyde In reply to Blame Microsoft

It took YEARS for M$ to develop their inferior products to acturately crash systems on a concistant basis. It takes a while to pile the crap that high.

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Time outs?

by deepsand In reply to bandwidth

Not happening here or at the office.

Perhaps there are external issues in play.

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Disable the proxy detect

by house In reply to bandwidth

The "page cannot be found" is a common error.... a timeout on the other hand....

Make sure that you are not either going through a proxy, or the auto detect is not enabled for your local area connection.

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I'd reply but...

by jdmercha In reply to bandwidth

I often get page not found. Probably about 1 out of every 10 pages.

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No Problems

by MarkB-Ohio In reply to bandwidth

I haven't had the problem once here.. Only been here about a week but I have done quite a bit of reading and not a problem from my end so far.

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