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    by advancedgeek ·

    Seems like this website times out a lot…probably because it’s busy (these discussions are addicting) but it seems like you guys need a fatter pipe (get your mind out of the gutter!) 🙂

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      It’s gotten terrible in the last week

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      The number of times that I get a timeout trying to load a page is almost equal to the number of times that it works. Not to mention the problem of trying to post a message only to have the connection time out and see the ‘The page you requested cannot be found’ message.

      I said it before. That 300 baud accoustic modem just isn’t doing the job.

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        They are using

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to It’s gotten terrible in the last week

        their home AOL account because of the spam and virus protection over dial-up, don’t ya know?

        Then it connects their 486 computer running win2003 server. (full install)

        Fatter pipe huh?

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          I would say

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to They are using

          it’s the new site script.
          getting time out and page not found errors since the changeover.

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        Blame Microsoft

        by house ·

        In reply to It’s gotten terrible in the last week

        It’s the 2003 clustering – obviously implemented to fix this problem – brought about a new issue with the same result.

        Don’t worry though… it is a priority issue – trust that they are working towards perfecting this.

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          After all

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Blame Microsoft

          It took YEARS for M$ to develop their inferior products to acturately crash systems on a concistant basis. It takes a while to pile the crap that high.

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      Time outs?

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      Not happening here or at the office.

      Perhaps there are external issues in play.

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      Disable the proxy detect

      by house ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      The “page cannot be found” is a common error…. a timeout on the other hand….

      Make sure that you are not either going through a proxy, or the auto detect is not enabled for your local area connection.

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      I’d reply but…

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      I often get page not found. Probably about 1 out of every 10 pages.

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      No Problems

      by markb-ohio ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      I haven’t had the problem once here.. Only been here about a week but I have done quite a bit of reading and not a problem from my end so far.

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      We are aware, and sorry, and working on it!

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to bandwidth

      Without divulging too many details, we’ve been hit by the double whammy of deploying new features (which pegs our app server and causes several components to have to recache–including My Discussions–resulting in short bursts of unavailability) and a persistent clustering bug (which pretty much crashes our app server and its backup simultaneously).

      We’re chipping away at the clustering problem and will have it solved ASAP. Once that’s resolved, you shouldn’t notice these recurring daily outages. The “hiccups” will be limited to our weekly feature deploys, which usually occur late Thursday or early Friday.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


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        How funny

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to We are aware, and sorry, and working on it!

        that it would happen when I tried to read your post about why it is going down.

        Sure, we piss and moan (because it is fun) but we know your on the case.


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        Driving directions

        by stress junkie ·

        In reply to We are aware, and sorry, and working on it!

        Not too long ago Hugo had to take a road trip through an area that he had never visited before. Hugo was a smart guy. He decided to go to one of the Internet map sites and get driving directions.

        As Hugo proceded on his trip he had to drive through an unfamiliar city. He took out his driving directions and followed them exactly. Then as he turned onto a main boulevard he noticed that a lot of the people on the sidewalks were shouting at him and making gestures for him to stop. Hugo was resolute. He would follow his driving directions and soon he would arrive at his destination. As he drove along the street he happily ignored the pedestrians trying telling him to stop and turn around. After all, these people just lived here; his driving directions were infallible. Suddenly Hugo found that he had driven into a sink hole in the middle of the road.

        Well, some people have more confidence in driving directions from a web site than in the advise of the people who live in the area.

        Question 1: How does Hugo’s trip compare to Tech Republic’s decision to use M$ clustering technology? (Note that I got the idea that M$ software is afoot from a related discussion thread.)

        Question 2: Would Linux software using Open Mosix clustering have been a better choice for Tech Republic than M$ software?

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          by advancedgeek ·

          In reply to Driving directions

          silly penguins 🙂 😀

          Lets look at your story…

          If Hugo would have been his lesser known grandson Lugo (L for linux see?) his car would have broken down before he ever made it to the unfamiliar city.

          No, I’m just being weird…i love the penguins…and their little LRP floppy routers too:

 <--how neat is that

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          Thanks for the link

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to bah

          There sure are a lot of excellent web sites focusing on some specific Linux related topic. I hadn’t seen this one before. Thanks.

        • #3330439

          Ooops. Second look was surprising

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to Thanks for the link

          So the link to the Linux Router Project actually wasn’t all that helpful. The project is dead. Reading the description on the web site made me sad, but it was a silly thing anyway.

        • #3329776

          well maybe…

          by advancedgeek ·

          In reply to Ooops. Second look was surprising

          this will float your boat…

          mebbe you’ve seen this one…very cool though 🙂

        • #3329682

          Just recently tried it.

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to well maybe…

          Knoppix is good to show a Windows user what Linux and X can look like. I tried it recently, along with the Ubuntu Live CD ( ) and the Novell SuSE v 9.2 live DVD. I found that they all ran extremely slowly, and I have a slightly beefier machine than most home users. ( Athlon XP 2100+ running at 1.75 GHz, 1 GB RAM. ) Well, I have more RAM than most people at least.

          I gave the Ubuntu Linux Live CD to one of my sisters to let her see what Linux looks like. I told her that if she likes it I will give her a hard disk to add to her machine so she can install Ubuntu without touching her Windows software. Hopefully she will take me up on this offer.

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        Does this also cover …

        by deepsand ·

        In reply to We are aware, and sorry, and working on it!

        the problems with broken and/or missing links?

        • #3329992

          Yes it does

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to Does this also cover …

          The missing links appear as part of cached includes (so not every profile page pegs the server with a live d-base request). When the system gets rolled, it has to recache everything, which means some features will appear later than others as we run through the cache list. Those of you with huge Q&A (*cough* TheChas *cough*) or Discussion (*cough* Oz-Media *cough*) histories will take longer to appear in some instances, because those queries are HUGE.


        • #3329727

          Not exactly whay I’m talking about.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Yes it does

          You seem to be addressing delays.

          I’m seeing problems with:
          1) OLD links randomly appearing/disappearing/re-appearing;
          2) Links in “Discussions Subscribed To” that are broken, while the corresponding one in “Discussions Participated In” work; and,
          3) Links that NEVER appear in either of said two areas.

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        Jay and Shawn

        by house ·

        In reply to We are aware, and sorry, and working on it!

        I never really realized this… but now that I think about it… you guys are rolling out features during some ‘peak hours’. Don’t you get overtime? Sheesh 😉

        PS – the Q&A query is hell.

        • #3329977

          We’re always here

          by smorty71 ·

          In reply to Jay and Shawn

          Jay and I are always here reading and posting. We rarely know what time it is because they keep us in the basement 🙂

        • #3329697


          by house ·

          In reply to We’re always here

          Sounds like me…

          I just got home, and I’m off the clock.

          I’m still answering inquiries and doing tech stuff. My associates keep telling me that I do not have to work when I’m not working. For some reason, I just don’t get the concept… it’s what I do for kicks.

          They keep you in the basement? That’s [b]old school[/b] 🙂

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