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By dwizz ·
What sites on the internet offer good information concerning information technology in the banking industry? The information I'm looking for is: 1. banking software 2. government and industry regulations that are effecting the industry. 3. Any white papers, webcasts and case studies that would bring me up-to-date on banking technology upgrades, etc.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Banking industry technolo ...

This side of things is generally very well protected to prevent unauthorized people from gaining knowledge on how to break into these systems all of this is provided in house by these organizations.

So the best that I can offer is that you visit your local government Web site and see what they have listed as regulations that these intuitions must follow example the Laws that have been enacted for these places. For the actually information you'll need to be working for one of these places and they will provide the training.


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Just some stuff I remember seeing

by seanferd In reply to Banking industry technolo ...

<A HREF="">Actimize Anti-Fraud Tool Chosen by UK Bank</A>
<A HREF="**079081&brand=techrepublic&ds=5">September 27th: Regulatory compliance meets revenue generation in financial services </A> <br> Find out how banks and other financial services firms can leverage their compliance infrastructures to derive more value from master customer data. (Sponsored by IBM)
<A HREF="**079081&brand=techrepublic&ds=5">Improving online banking authentication</A>
<A HREF="**079081&brand=techrepublic&ds=5">Darby Bank & Trust lowers costs with ShoreTel VoIP </A>
<A HREF="**079081&brand=techrepublic&ds=5">ATM deposits were supposed to cut costs. So what happened? </A>
Find out why banks haven't fully realized the savings they originally anticipated through automated teller machine (ATM) deposits and how new improvements in ATM automation are changing that. (Sponsored by IBM)
I can only suggest to visit and search government or regulatory sites, enterprise software sites, IT security sites. Check primary sources, and also news/blog sites dedicated to, or inclusive of, news in your area of interest. Check the TechRebublic related sites: Bnet, ZDNet, CNet, et al. Dark Reading is interesting from a security standpoint.

Good luck.

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Information Technology in Banking Systems and Security

by insanity7_ In reply to Banking industry technolo ...

I want good information about:
Analyse how banking systems in are designed, built, maintained, secured.
Analyse the impact of Information Technology in the banking
business ().
Research how much emphasis banks () place in IT banking systems and security.
Research the investment that is done in the Information
Technology in banks.
Produce a system whereby, it can audit the effectiveness of
the design of banking systems and security.
Analyze and point out what kind of configuration management is used in secured networks of some banks ().

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