Bar code scanner

By jaiminmpatel ·
Hey folks,

I am looking for barcode scanner with software installation compatibility of java or .net?

anyone of do you know which bar code scanner comes out with software development or software installation. i want to make a one program and want to install in specific barcode for my business application.

Can anybody guide me.

I appricicate your response in advace,


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Most barcode scanners are simply 'keyboard wedges'

by robo_dev In reply to Bar code scanner

Such that they are simply allowing fields to be filled without typing, so there is not any real software required to do this. It's not any different than handling keyboard input.

Barcodes are just fonts, so there's no magic there either....

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More Clairification

by jaiminmpatel In reply to Most barcode scanners are ...

Hey Dev,

Thanks for wonderful reply.
but still i am not getting much with your answer. can you discribe me in details.

Cause i have found that bar code scanner comes with palm os/windows and we can build custimze software in computer and can install on scanner.

is this work in this manner.??

your reply will be helpful to increase my knowledge.


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Sorry, I mean a handheld computer device

by robo_dev In reply to More Clairification

When you say 'barcode scanner', I assume you mean the peripheral device that does that function.

What you mean is a handheld computing device that also has a barcode scanner. The most common ones are made by Symbol Technologies, Intermec, and several others. For example the Symbol PDT8146 or Intermec CK61.

It is more common for these to run Windows Mobile OS than Palm OS.

see (now owned by Motorola)

Symbol Developer Zone has Info about applications

Intermec Applications/software

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by jaiminmpatel In reply to Sorry, I misunderstood... ...

Thanks buddy.
I will look out those link
and if have still questions will keep you posting.


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