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Be careful what you order from TechRepublic

By tom.chambers ·
I feel led to post this even though I'm sure it will get trashed by the moderators because I'm going to say negative things about TechRepublic. But, here goes.

On December 1st I ordered three items.
1) Administrator's Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery Vol 2
2) IT Help Desk Survival Guide 2nd Ed
3) IT Professional's Guide to Policies and Procedures 3rd Ed

I received the "guides" around December 8th I think it was. Two CD's and one small bound 'guide' with a CD. With the holidays closing in I wasn't able to look at the items in detail until right after Christmas. I was highly disappointed to find out that most of what I received is articles that have been posted on TechRepublic. The total for my order was $218 which isn't chump change. At least not for me. In any case, I notified Customer Service I wanted to send the items back for a refund on December 29th. They replied within an hour with an apology and the addresses to send the items back to. I sent another email asking which address to send to when using UPS. It took a day for them to get back to me with which one. I sent the items back a few days later. They were signed for on January 16th. I emailed TechRepublic and asked when the charge would be reversed a few days after they received the items.

Today I got an email saying they would not refund my money because the items were received after 30 days of purchase. I have several problems with this. 1) I didn't receive the items until Dec 8th. 2) I notified them well within the 30 day window. 3) The items are a joke to begin with.

I hate to be this way but TechRepublic deserves this negative 'advertising' if you ask me. I have bought other items from them in the past and have been satisfied. However, in this case, what I bought is nothing more than a bunch of articles I could read online.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Be careful what you order ...

I'm sur ethat such a collection of articles would be useful to someone who isn't here too often, has limited internet accesstimes etc. In your case, they seemed more than willing to accept the items in return and I would hope that given some time and a polite letter, they will see how the order was not returned after 30 days as you were incontact with them regarding the return,even though you spent 20 days 'eva;uating' the items you would still have ten days left to return them. If this was delayed due to TR processing and response time, I'm sure they will see the error and revers tha cherges, sometime the left hand doesn't see what the right is doing. Were the people who refused the refund the same people that agreed to the return?

I'm sure you'll get it straightened out, they seem to want to be straight-up here, bad news travels fast especially in the IT world.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Undertood

But at the same time, companies tend to look out for themselves now a days instead of their customers...

I agree with OZ, I'm sure, they'd be more than willing to fix the problem. You just might have to be a little bit more persuasive...

Instead of writing them. Call them. Start with the first person. Tell them that you EXPECT that they refund your money. If they say no, get the manager, if they say no, get their manager. Continue up the chain until you get your response that you deserve.

You only need to contact them within the 30 days to notify them of the problem which it sounds like you did. That should be enough, and they should be taking care of their end.

If worse comes to worse, if you paid with a checkcard or a credit card, dispute the transaction. You no longer have the product, they were willing to accept it back, therefore they MUST refund your money. And that's final.

Don't take no for an answer, and please, let us know how this all works out. I personally am interested to know, because it will definately determine whether I spend my hard earned money with them.


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Nothing personal to TR in any way

by Oz_Media In reply to Surprising...

You WILL be able to resolve this,TR WILL refund your money, they have no choice.

As for future transactions, this is exactly why I never order ANYTHIN online, I never have and never will. Anyone who I know that does online transactions has had a similar issue at least once.

I'd rather support my neighbours and community. I'd buy IT books and CD's from someone local before an internet based company. If I couldn't get the info locally, it can be researced online and you will eventually build you rown CD library, TR users have sent me such disks in the past and now I have started to make my own, custom library of tools and fixes.

We all nkow that internet transactions need much to be desired, even though TR is an upstanding company, these things do happen and are hard to resolve unless you are speaking to people directly (even over the phone as previously sugested would be better).

I sometimes run into 'ONLINE ONLY' order forms, a quick phone call to the company and they have no problem doing business with you some other way.

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Send me an email

by maxwell edison In reply to Be careful what you order ...

Send me an email through the peer contact. (click on my alias)

I don't want to post the information here, but send me an email and I'll return one with a name (a high company officer) and phone number.

I think it would, most likely, be resolved to your satisfaction.

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they're on it

by wordworker In reply to Send me an email

I talked to a "high company official" myself just a while ago (Fri. afternoon) and the wheels are turning. (Max, it was a local call for me.) Look for a post from someone soon. Like the others posting here, I'm sure it's the left-hand/right-hand thing and will be taken care of tout de suite.

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Customer Support Response

by mysuitelife2 In reply to Be careful what you order ...

As the customer support manager, yes, your order will be refunded immediately. A simple e-mail explaining what you detailed above would have been enough for us to have understood the situation, especially since you had already spoken to a rep about returning it. The rep you spoke to was different from the rep responding to the e-mail. We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with your dissatisfied purchase and will reverse the charge immediately. Just please keep in mind that the credit card companies take their time on their end applying refunds to your account. Most credit card companies state it could take 1-2 billing cycles for the refund to show. I've experienced this myself many a times.

Again, please let us know if you have any further problems by calling the customer support department at 800- 217-4339 or 845-566-8220 for local or international.

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Thank you but also a closing comment

by tom.chambers In reply to Customer Support Response

Thanks for taking care of this for me. However, I must add that I did include the same information in my original email to Customer Service. In the box that I sent the items back in I included a copy of the original invoice along with a copy of all the emails regarding the return of the products. So, I felt I had the bases covered from the start of all this.

In my last reply to Customer Service I asked that someone call me ASAP regarding the order and I gave my home and cell numbers. I never received a call though. I did try to call several times and sat on hold for a while each time and gave up. That is why I decided to try posting on the discussion forum as a last resort. It appears to have worked and I'm thankful for that.

Thanks again for handling this situation.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Customer Support Response

I knew it would work out! Well done TR.

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Cool beans!!!

by mrafrohead In reply to Customer Support Response

I'm glad to hear that you guys are taking care of your customers!!!

As for the credit card portion of it. It shouldn't take a couple of billing cycles, more like 7-10 business days. Anything longer than that, and there is a problem, where the credit wasn't done on the business end, OR it was lost in transit. I work for a bank and have had to deal with this type of thing before... (though the funds can IMMEDIATELY be ACH'd to the account should need be)

To the starter of the thread (sorry, I forgot your nick) kudos on standing up for yourself! Most people will just give up!


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Agreed but

by Oz_Media In reply to Cool beans!!!

I understand that processing time shouldn't be so long, but recently I managed to get a $3500 refund for a customer who was sold software that was misrepresented. I managed to settle the problem out of court so the provider had to contact Amex and they had to confirm the reverse, then then someone draped a little more red tape and paper work in the way etc. etc. It took Amex 43 days to get the reversal to show in the statements, so these things DO take time sometimes and it is neither the bank's fault, the customer's or the reseller's it's just processing and the way life goes.

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