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Beat me up and steal my lunch money...

By Jellimonsta ·
What is the deal with the respondents in the TR forums lately? I have noticed a steady progression (or should I say regression) of individuals resorting to name calling and whining about another contributors comments (usually directed @ Oz for his harsh reply :)... but now even G.O.D and other members are receiving the same treatment.
Is this now the mentality of the technology sector?... are we no longer perceived as geeks but instead whiny babies who complain when things do not go their way, or "call other kids names"?
Well, sticks and stones....

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...Ah you forget...

by onbliss In reply to Beat me up and steal my l ...

that we are Humans and then geeks :-))) There must be something fishing during the inheritance from huamns to geeks, for the Super Class takes the control.

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Lets get ready to Rumble!!!!

by jkaras In reply to Beat me up and steal my l ...

Whoops I forgot someone already copyrighted that, I hope Michael Buffer is not a member. Life gets in the way at times and its refreshing to get some frustrations out every now and again. Hey its better than physically taking it out on someone, so flame on. Maybe a new phyla is created, grumpus erectus.

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Sticks and stones...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Beat me up and steal my l ...

may break my bones but whips and chains excite me.

Ooops, that should have been 'names can never hurt me'.

I'm thick skinned. I can take it. All I can say is that if someone wants me to call me something on here then let them. It doesn't change my opinion of myself or that of others who know or respect (or even barely tolerate!) me.

If somebody wishes to slag me off, defame me, slander me or libel me then fine. One word of warning! Defamatory, libelous or slanderous comments posted on a web-site available to public view are exactly the same as such remarks made in the press or on the media, and as such COULD be the grounds to commence legal action should I or anyone else desire so to do. Here in the UK, many internet users who have published defamatory remarks on web-sites HAVE been taken to court and successfully prosecuted. Not just in the UK happens in other places too and I'm sure the USA with it's mentality of 'litigate, not mediate' has had similar cases. Libel and slander cases have attracted large sums in damages where it has been proven that such remarks have had a material effect on the health, reputation or well-being of an individual!

Me...I don't actually give a can call me what you like people. As I said, sticks and stones....

BUT...should any remarks, comments or opinions end up materially affecting my health or earning potential or upset my wife and children, then watch out.

Most of you on here who partake in debate with me on a regular basis know that I'm generally an easy going soul and enjoy some ribald banter as much as the next man (or woman). Just don't take it too far....I may bite!

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I'm with you Guru....

by Jellimonsta In reply to Sticks and stones...

I too do not take any offense at peoples slander. Everybody has opinion and it is just that, I do not really give a rats a$$ what they think.
I am just surprised at the mentality of the personal attacks by posters in these forums as of late. It seems people cannot take a little criticism and a difference of opinion and get defensive straight away.

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Or even offensive!

by GuruOfDos In reply to I'm with you Guru....

I referred to Oz an asshole once...but in the context in which I posted the comment I'm sure he didn't take it personally. He and I have developed something of a 'rapport' on here and we both know how far we can push a joke with each other without either of us throwing our toys out of the pram...well, usually. We may actually even meet in person for a beer in the next year or three!

I may pass comments on what I think, but I certainly wouldn't make a deliberately offensive remark to anybody or at least not knowingly. I appreciate some people may take offence at some things I say. No offence intended but my sense of humour does tend to be a little 'off the wall' at times.

There are many fine people on here who I respect and hold their opinions in high esteem. I may not always agree with them, and I may argue a point with them if I feel there is valid debate to be had. TheChas and Maxwell to name two often participate actively in discussions with myself (and many of the other regulars). We are agreed on many issues and yet we probably clash on as many others but usually we manage to remain polite, courteous and respectful even if we will never agree in a million years. If it all gets too much, we are happy to just let it drop and 'walk away'.

One or two members seem to like provocation. Not subtly or cleverly, but just downright obnoxious! In a recent posting regarding Kazaa I gave a 'harsh' answer, but I was polite and explained my answer fully. I was 'attacked' and for those who missed it, I quote:

>>So go pick on someone who has the time and patience to argue with you instead of venting all your built up frustration from your pitiful life out on me. By the way, thanks for your "stupid" reply.<<

I defended this 'attack' and was gratified to note that other members, while agreeing that I was perhaps a little 'out of character' in my post, rallied to my defence. I will be the first to jump in and defend another member if I see them maliciously targeted in discussions, but it's getting to the point where I can see it happening so often that it will just end up another forum for disruption and abuse and all the value of healthy debate will be lost in the flames.

As 'G.O.D' I am a benevolent kinda guy most of the time but when angered, I can get a head of steam up of truly Biblical proportions. Fortunately it is in my nature to be reasonably forgiving but some on here are truly 'unforgiveable'. They KNOW who they are. One member in particular, I know, has ruffled more than a few yet they are not on my 'fire and brimstone' list but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I'm not going to provoke them into it but when it does happen, the whole of TR will know about it because there are at least six others who will 'flash' before I do! has already (in the same discussion I quoted) mentioned 'The slap that was heard around the world'. When the inevitable happens, you won't hear one'll hear a virtual round of applause. I'd rather this didn't might even spell the end of TR as we know it, but this person is spoiling for a real scrap and will probably end up starting one!

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Change in membership

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Beat me up and steal my l ...

When I first joined TR, almost every member was a senior-level professional with many years of experience and most of the questions were hair-pullers that had been thoroughly researched before being posted here.

Now, I think most of the members are newbies and script-kiddies who ask stupid questions without even trying to do basic research and have not learned manners or graciousness in the college of life.

I'm seriously considering removing TR from my daily to-do list.


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Hang in there...

by mrbill- In reply to Change in membership

Ralph, Try to weather the storm out. Don?t let the ?newbies and script-kiddies? chase you away from a wonderful discussion forum. If you and the other veterans of the forum leave then the ?punks? win and that would be a shame. Maybe if we all ignored them they will go away on their own. It will be hard because they will try to incite you into a response but we are more mature than they are. They will get bored and leave because we can outlast them.

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I have to admit

by GuruOfDos In reply to Hang in there...

I often 'flash' at the little turds! Perhaps the regulars should gang up on them, but in a co-ordinated manner and not just flying off the handle. If all of us 'old hands' spot a 'weener', we should all post identical replies. Whether that reply would be '**** OFF!' or 'Why not ask your parents this stupid question?' or 'Sorry, it's past your bedtime!' is something we'd all have to agree on. But imagine a 'weeners' post, followed by thirty-seven replies all with the same put-down. Naturally it would make the Hot Topics list, and a very quick look would tell a regular that it's such a post....and then another identical reply could be posted.

This may or may not 'cure' the problem...but it would be an interesting excersise!

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I concur

by GuruOfDos In reply to Change in membership

The problem is... I have a TR problem! I used to just do TR once or twice a week. I thought 'I can control isn't doing any harm'.

I used to just do the occasional debate, you know how it is....I was a 'social' debater. Now with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight I can see that I have become 'hooked'. I'm now doing TR two or three times a day and it's getting out of control. A couple of hours without catching up with Chas, Maxwell, Ralph and Lord Infidel and I start shaking, getting the jitters and wondering how long till my next 'fix'.

Unfortunately, organised 'whine' has taken over the site and the quality stuff is getting 'cut' with all kinds of nasty stuff. The 'weeners' are muscling in on the racket and the turf just ain't safe any more.

Seriously, it's nearly as bad as the newsgroups and internet chat rooms. Part of the problem is that internet access is so cheap and anyone can get on. In the good old days, you had to pay ?10 a month, or whatever, plus per minute connection charges for internet use at home. Kiddies only got on for ten minutes or so every few days to research their homework or visit the Disney site under supervision of their parents. You needed a credit card to set up a dial-up account and that kept the majority of the 'under 18s' off most of the time. I started my online life with AOL back in the very first days. Chat rooms just didn't have kids in them and you never got a/s/l'd every five minutes. You could meet other like minded adults and actually have a conversation! Of course, you came across the odd **** here and there. Nowadays, it's wall to wall with flying mobile phone numbers and 'hit 555 if you want to chat 2 me' every ten seconds. I long ago stopped using AOL chat and in fact I don't participate in any on-line chatting anymore (ok, I DO use AOL IM's to message the wife...she's an AOL user).

This discussion area as you said, used to be a forum for erudite conversation, sharing of knowledge and a chance to exchange ideas. Now it's turning to rat-**** like everything else in life that kids get hold of. I'd give it up in a heartbeat... but I'm addicted and I'd miss my 'friends'.

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Another addict ...

by jardinier In reply to I concur

When I have no emails to answer, and when my three websites are sufficiently up to date, I head straight for TR. I have made some excellent friends here, none of whom I have actually met.

I don't find it a problem to ignore the crap and have stimulating interactions with the regular members who have a wide general knowledge and a great sense of humour.

I wouldn't dream of entering a chat room: icq or ur4me2 -- yuk !!!!!

I, for one, will keep coming back while there are intelligent, knowledgeable, sincere, witty people with whom to exchange information, ideas, and and repartee.

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