Belkin N1 and Intel AGN 4965 <----Not Connecting on N Mode---->

By qem12345 ·
Make: Dell 1730 XPS
Router and Nic:as above
Router set up to: B+G+N
N-mode:enabled in Intel configuration
I can only get network g coming up and I can't get N
Actions: Contacted dell but spoke to wrong guy, Decided to email Belkin and they have been of no help--their only recommendation was to turn on the N mode. DUH!!!
Now Unless I am completely overlooking something there is only two modes in Belkin Firmware (updated btw)and (Intel drivers latest) they are ff or B+G+N not much room for error So if anyone could help I would appreciate TONS!!!!


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As I understand it

by tintoman In reply to Belkin N1 and Intel AGN 4 ...

Both the N1 router and mini wireless lan adapter you have are draft N technology, and although Belkin will tell you to look forward to data rates of up to 300Mbps there is no actual guarantee of this and there never will be because there are too many issues that can affect it, in any case the technology is still under trial and is not a standard.
In fact the only "standard" wireless technology is wireless b which in theory means that as long as you can pick the signal up you will always get 11Mbps.
The others will get weaker the further you are from your router and depending on what obstructions are in the way.
So I assume that when you say you cant get N you mean that your data rate is 54Mbps or less, I suppose it is worth placing you router and laptop as close together as you can to see if you get a better rate but if you can't I can't really see anyone taking responsibility for that.

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