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Best Inkjet Carts

By Trinity PC ·
Hi all,

Just took a giant plunge and started a "real" store/repair-shop after 8 years of field work. One thing I can't get a good handle on is (and don't laugh), which inkjet cartridges I should carry.

There are hundreds of cartridges out there and I can only carry maybe the best selling 10. Problem is, my vender reps have no clue which cartridges are the best sellers (have they heard of computers?).

If I do a google search, I get everything but what I want. Impossible to nail it down with such common keywords.

I'm hoping some kind proprietor here would help me with some stocking tips. Just the top ten is all I need. I just want to cover the most bases without bankrupting myself with stock that won't move.

All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Current Printers

by TheChas In reply to Best Inkjet Carts

One way to get a handle on what cartridges are "popular" is to check what the local mega-store (WalMart) is carrying.

I would start with common HP catrs such as the 45 / 78

Grab a couple of Epson and Lexmark models.

For Canon, I would start with the current 4 pack.

Ultimately, you need to decide what you are going to support / specialize in.

Is your market home or business users?

Do you expect to sell a lot of Ink, or are you trying to round out your inventory?

Good luck with your venture.


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Another thought

by TheChas In reply to Current Printers

I had another thought today.

Do you desire to be the ink supplier for your customers?
If so, you need to have as wide a cartridge selection as possible.

For most customers, if they come in for ink and you do not even have a space for their cartridge, they are not apt to come back for ink.

Otherwise, concentrate on the ink cartridges for printers you carry or have sold.


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by Trinity PC In reply to Current Printers


I'm just trying to round out the inventory. I don't plan on being an "ink supplier". I just want to carry a few popular ones so people can try me in a pinch.

I am mostly home/small business (at least I was). Walk-in trade is probably going to be mostly home users.


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