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    Best Line Ever


    by aaron a baker ·

    I’ve heard a lot of lines in my time, regarding all sorts of problems with the computer and it “infernal programming and parts” as some would put it.
    Examples might be;
    The wheels in the hard drive aren’t pointing in the right direction. If you close all the vents in the computer it will get too hot and choke itself to death, that’s why it doesn’t run right, you get the picture.
    But the best one I have ever heard “And I Kid You Not” is;
    The hard drive run’s on energy, Evil spirits use energy to manifest themselves. The energy of a hard drive can be used by Evil Spirits to manipulate your data if the you aren’t kind to your computer.So always speak nicely to your computer and in particular your hard drive and the spirits inside the energy will not get mad at you and cause you all kinds of headaches.
    No kidding folks, I really heard this and the person told it as if it were the Gospel.They were also in the fortune telling business.
    I roared.
    Just thought I’d pass this on and ask.
    What’s the best line you’ve ever heard?
    Aaron A Baker

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