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    by geeksquad ·

    What are the best Fiction\Science Fiction books Related to Technology and Computers!!!!

    Let’s do a top 25

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      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      I started a couple of threads requesting good sci-fi and fantasy a year or two ago and the results ran to a few hundred good posts. while mostly fantasy came my way I did get some really good hard sci-fi.

      One of the recommendations which I’m now reading is Hyperion and the follow-up Endymion by Dan Simmons and it is AMAZING. Very complex combination of future science and religion that is intelligible enough to grip. Lots of interesting AI stuff. I’ve a half of the last book of four to read…

      My personal recs are two British authors:

      Iain M. Banks for the “Culture” novels. This covers a galactic-wide civilisation of organic life and various levels of AI culminating in the “Minds”.

      Peter F. Hamilton has a superb imagination and the ability to make future technologies believable. The “Night’s Dawn” trilogy is justifiably his most famous work but “Mindstar Rising” would be a very good intro to his work.

      More later. Bedtime and another couple of chapters of “The Rise of Endymion”.


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      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      I tend to go in for more of the fuzzy side myself.

      Like Neil I’d recommend Banks and Hamilton.
      Add in Greg Bear.
      A lot of people like Stephen Baxter, but I think he’s crap.

      If you want the full works tech and society and how they can impact on each other, then Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy is without peer in my opinion.

      Earlier Heinlein, ‘Starship Troopers’, The moon is a harsh mistress. When you think starship trooper’s don’t think the film by the way.

      Niven and Pournelle are worth ago.
      Lucifer’s Hammer, Footfall, The Mote in God’s eye, Leagcy of Heorot and my all time favourite Oath Of Fealty.

      Old style hard SF has pretty much died now, tech is too broad and at the cutting edge far too complex. You’d have to write two maths and science books, for the potential reader before they could find your plotline in the equations and philosophical arguments.

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      Accelerando, Singularity Sky

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      Well, Tony stole my KSR, Niven, and Heinlein recommendations, but he didn’t beat me to Charles Stross. He’s part of a new guard of singularity-sci-fi writers that are really pushing the envelope. Of his works, I’d recommend ‘Accelerando’, which is up for this year’s Hugo, and to a lesser extent ‘Singularity Sky,’ which somewhat requires you having read Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ to get all the temporal causality references.

      While not quite so near the hard edge of hard sci-fi, I’m obligated to plug ‘Old Man’s War’ by John Scalzi, which is also up for some serious awards this year. It’s VERY accessible military sci-fi set in the near future, and has more than a few nods to Heinlein in it. It’s also a lot of fun.

      Neal Stephenson’s ‘Snow Crash’ was revolutionary ten years ago, but it suffers from the inevitable trap of all near-future sci-fi–we’ve passed its ‘future’ date and the world is not at all as predicted. It’s still a great read and it’s amazing how much Stephenson foretold of online life way before we had anything like World of Warcraft or Second Life to play with. I’ve heard that Stephenson’s ‘Diamond Age’ is also great, but I’ve not read it.

      Finally, this one goes on any great sci-fi list: ‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card. Say what you will about the book’s sequels and the man who wrote it, but this one is an undeniable classic.

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      William Gibson & Neil Stephenson

      by joeaaa22 ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      These are seminary works in Cyberpunk. I also find anything Asimov did to be highly tech oriented.

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        Snow Crash

        by jeffykins ·

        In reply to William Gibson & Neil Stephenson

        Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

        It’s like taking a ride on the sled with Calvin & Hobbes.

        I can’t remember ever grinning so much while reading a book.

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          Snow Crash=Orwell+Huxley+MMORPG+Web browsing+Skateboarding <- Excellent!

          by madion ·

          In reply to Snow Crash

          Excellent computer fiction.

          Considering when it was being written an interesting take on a fictional future.

          I’m still waiting on the skateboard wheels!

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      There are so many.

      by rclark2 ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      One favorite unique: Hellspark by Janet Kagan

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      Cyteen: CJ Cherryh

      by rclark2 ·

      In reply to *BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS*

      This one is also one of my favorite computer SciFi stories.

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