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Best Star Wars Software for 7yr. old

By brpros ·
I need to know which Star Wars Software for PC's is the best for my Grandson who is 7 yrs. old.

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Pod Racer

by JamesRL In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

Its fairly straighforward.


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Lego Star Wars

by AKBuch In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

My 6 year old and 11 year old (and me too) love to play Lego Star Wars. There are a few levels where my youngest has some difficulty but overall can handle the multiple functions even when playing 2 player using the same keyboard.

Also, a new version is due to release with more features focusing on the original trilogy.

It has some real funny moments!

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lego star wars is a hoot

by heml0ck In reply to Lego Star Wars

I got it for the ps2, but the boys (9 and 11) love it!
They also started playing Jedi Academy 2 a couple of years ago.... They like dueling each other

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Lego Star Wars the Video Game

by dfrankl4 In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

Lego Star Wars the Video Game is the one I would reccommend. My 8 year old loves it! He can choose to play any one of 30 different characters, build, create and go through Episodes I, II, and III. If you'd like to try a demo of the PC game to see if you approve, follow the link below:

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Take him to a playground

by SaintGeorge In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

The best games for your 7 year old grandson will not be in front of any computer, but outside. Kids do not need responsible grownups to seat them in front of the mind-sucking-tube, they do that themselves. We need to try and get them to develop physically and mentally healthy. Just my opinion, but I'm sure I don't need validation to know it's the right one.
Stands to logic.

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by matt In reply to Take him to a playground

Your statement doesn't need validation because it goes without saying. The person asked a simple question, so drop the pretentious snobbery and just answer it, or else ignore it.

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Lego Star Wars for sure

by matt In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

My son is five, and he prefers the Pod Racer game. But his older friends who come over usually want to play the Lego Star Wars game with him.

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Leggo Star Wars

by Crash84 In reply to Lego Star Wars for sure

My two grandsons 6 and 7 love it, as well as I do also. No blood and guts and two players can play at the same time. One can use a gamepad and the other the keyboard.

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Or two joysticks

by daveo2000 In reply to Leggo Star Wars

We have ours set up with 2 joysticks. That way they don't have to argue over who gets which one.

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teach your (grand)children well

by Colonel Panijk In reply to Best Star Wars Software f ...

If he's going to be planted in front of a computer rather than playing outside, at least try to get him something constructive and relatively nonviolent. One spacecraft firing laser cannons at another isn't nearly as bad as a FPS game where the object is to waste another human(oid). The former is clearly fantasy, while the latter will only confuse him over what is acceptable social behavior (the police and military use FPS games to teach killing skills). The more exploring/learning and cooperation a game teaches, the better off we all are.

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