Best way to buy PCs with no OS so LINUX can be installed.

By rob ·
I always buy Windows-based PCs from CDW and they are always Lenovo/IBM. Now I want to dip my toe in the LINUX pool and test a few users with Open Office on some yet to be determined LINUX distro. CDW won't sell me my favorite Lenovo PC without Windows. To their credit they did offer to store a LINUX image and apply it to any new Lenovos I buy, but that kills part of the LINUX attraction. Paying for Windows and then writing over it is schtupid!

So, ideally I would like to buy Lenovo PCs with no OS so I can install a flavor of LINUX. Less than ideal, but still attractive is buying some other brand of PC with no OS.

What do you guys/gals do when you want to use LINUX on a PC?

Do any of you know how I can buy a Lenovo without the OS where the cost of the PC is reduced to reflect that there is no OS?

Are we talking build-your-own here?

Thanks for any advice,

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by CG IT In reply to Best way to buy PCs with ...

or just ask CDW if they will supply em.

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Well Lenovo is out of the question under those circumstances

by OH Smeg In reply to Best way to buy PCs with ...

Basically you want your Cake and be able to eat it as well with this question. The store in question buys the Levono product with Windows Installed. They don't buy a blank NB and perform the installs in store. That is why you see new Computers in Unopened boxes when you buy one.

Though personally I would never supply one that way many do and then expect the customers to be happy if their new Computer doesn't work out of the box.

You will not only have to change makes but suppliers as well if you wish to keep to the above set of parameters. So Dell sell Linux on New PC's or at least they used to not sure if they still do though.

You could also try a Specialist Store that builds their own as well. It really depends on if you want a Desktop or NB unit here. As you made mention of Lenovo I was taking it for granted that you wanted a NB in this case. The build your own in that case is only Clevo.

Everything else except for maybe Dell comes with some form of Windows installed from where they are assembled.


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