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Best way to move files to new computer?

By shawsj ·
I finally ordered my "Dream Machine" to replace my aging 233MHz Pentium I. My current computer has 2 physical HD's. The original 6G HD has the system and basic program files, and an additional 13G HD is partitioned into a "data/program" drive and a "backup" drive that contains zip files of all my installation programs. (I have the original install CD's for most, but not all) It's the "but not all" that I am most concerned about; so I would like to be able to access the install files from my olddrive. Since I have no zip drive or network card installed in the old computer, what is the best way to prepare to move my files to the new computer? (null modem?.. etc..etc) BTW.. the "old" computer has Win98SE and the "new" will have Windows ME. Thanks

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Aloha bobs PC relocator

by jim In reply to Best way to move files to ...

There is a programout called Aloha Bobs OC relocator. It costs about $50 to buy, it will transfer all of your applications (It eliminates the need to reinstall your software), files, downloads, desktop themes, pretty much everything to your new PC with minimal hassel . it is designed to be used between Win98 and WinME. This is worth the $50. You can find it online at most of the PC resellers. (PC warehouse ect..)

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by john.bourque In reply to Aloha bobs PC relocator

We've been using a product by Symantec called Ghost for several years. As I'm sure you know, Symantec is a well established company with a good track record. The software runs about $70. From your post, I assume all of your installed applications are on your original drive and the second drive only has data and Zip files. Ghost will easily MOVE, not just copy the old drive to the new drive. We've used it a lot to copy old 2 gig drives to newer 20 gig drives with no problem. it also defrags the data while copying and since it doesn't affect the original drive in any way, you can wait until you are sure every thing is working to delete or reformat the old drive. Unless you have a "burner", you will need to remove the drive from the old computer and hook it up to the new system as either a master or slave to the existing hard drive. Since Ghost will actually be overwriting the HD in the new computer, you can't connect it by any NIC card, Null modem, etc. At some point in the process youwould get an error as it over writes some of the exiting files it is using in the session. After Ghost is thru moving, you just shut the computer down, disconnect the old drive, and if you wish add the old second drive to your new computer as a slave. Hope this helps...John

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Thanks for both replies, 1 more concern

by sunnie In reply to Ghost

Thanks to both of you for your replies. Both sound like great suggestions. I do have one question (maybe more than one). If I use either method to MOVE the files to the new system, will I have a problem accessing the programs because the registry wouldn't have knowledge of the locations? Also, I have some programs that I would prefer to use the install program to install to the new system, such as "Go-Back" and "Partition Magic". These install programs are on the 2cnd drive in my old computer. Since I have a CDRW in the new computer, but not the old, would I just install the old drive in the new computer as a slave and install the programs from there? I am assuming that the "data" files will not be a problem to transfer, other than the neccessity to install the drive in my new computer first because some are way too large to put on floppies. Thanks again for the help!! Sonya

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OOPS... I should explain

by sunnie In reply to Ghost

I just realized that my above reply is from my "home" account and my original was from my account at work. Hope I didn't confuse anyone with the differring email addresses in my original question and my response. Thanks... Sonya
Sonya= shawsj= sunnie

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Second HDD

by jim In reply to OOPS... I should explain

Connecting the other drive as a slave and runnign the install from their should be no problem at all. In fact if you do not have a free connector on the IDE chain you could temporarily disconnect the burner and hook up the old drive there. One word about GHOST. It is an exelent piece of software butit makes an exact duplicate of your old HDD it destroys all information that was formerly on the target drive. This is not a problem if the 2 PC's have identical hardware but can cause problems if they do not. PC relocator only moves applications, and user files not the driver files. Also it registeres the applications on teh new PC so that it will be able to run them without needing to reinstall.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar

by shawsj In reply to Second HDD

Thanks so much. That is exactly the information I needed. I do NOT want an exact duplicate of my drive as the new system is totally different (with ALL the bells and whistles). I am not concerned with setting files of wallpaper, as I plan to copy mywallpaper bitmaps to the new computer anyway. I was more concerned with how to get the programs (install programs) to the new drive for the programs that I do NOT have a CD for (some that were purchased online and downloaded from there, and the onlyinstall files I have for them are on the backup (old) drive.

Sounds like installing the drive in my new computer should work like a charm. Again, thanks so much for the help!

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Make a home network.

by Dave E. In reply to Best way to move files to ...

First of all PLEASE DON'T GO WITH WINDOWS ME is a bug ridden, virus prone piece of #$@*! Second if use a pair of $30 NICs with a crossover cable you will have your very own home network. You can use your old pc as a backup. You can even use internetconection sharing. The posibilities are limitless (almost). If you do this make sure you have a common protocol installed (ie. IPX/SPX, Netbuei, ect) and that you have Microsoft file and print sharing enabled.

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Please tell me more

by shawsj In reply to Make a home network.

I would certainly be interested in hearing more about Windows ME. I considered Windows 2000 because that is what I use at work, but keep hearing that ME is better suited for a home environment. What possible problems will I run into with ME? BTW,, the home network is a good idea, and I will probably end up with that in the long run... not with my OLD one, but with my boyfriends computer. I am planning on giving the old one to my son.

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PC Relocator vs. Intellimover

by bejoyful In reply to Best way to move files to ...

Dell is offering Intellimover, which sounds much like PC relocator - has anyone successfully used intellimover?

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