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    Beta Testers & MS Flight Simulator 2004 (NOT running)on XP Pro SP2


    by falconeer ·

    Before I launch into my sorrowful story is anyone interested in Beta Testing a couple of ?possible? shareware programs? Sorry, nothing to do with gaming, one is just an application that checks ?on-the-fly? the validity of indices? in a DB IV style database. It was done expressly for the FoxPro 2.6a and earlier Foxes.
    If there is enough interest I?ll move it to examine VFP and Access style databases.
    Everyone, this possibly my last resort…
    I’m a Techie just like most all of you? but I?ve got a problem maybe one of you might help me solve.
    How?s this for MS, I?ve got an 1 ? year old HP Pavilion sporting dual-CPU?s @ 3.2 GHz, 1gig ram, NVIDIA card, 2 HD?s with a total of about 500 gig, running XP Pro SP 2 (a MS product), and trying to run a game by MS called MS Flight Simulator. Not the fanciest but more than twice the recommended options called for.
    I?ve tried every solution that MS had to offer, such as checking for newer drivers, etc.
    The setup went without flaw, but to my amazement when I tried to actually run the thing the splash screen comes up, AND then the program just quits. No messages, no lockups, no nothing? I?ve checked the applications and process in the Task Manager and poof, not there anymore.

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      I’d be interested…

      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Beta Testers & MS Flight Simulator 2004 (NOT running)on XP Pro SP2

      I’ve always liked Foxpro. I’ll be willing to beta test it for ya (better than spending money online).

      Onto your problem…
      Check out this page:

      Flight Simulator 2004: The game does not start, the game stops responding, or the game shows the splash screen and then quits unexpectedly when you try to start Flight Simulator 2004 – A Century of Flight

      I especially love this statement…
      Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 – A Century of Flight may have trouble starting on a Microsoft Windows-based computer.
      LMAO… maybe we should be playing on a MAC?

      Good Luck on fixing your Flight Sim, it’s a great application… when it works.

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        You are a Genius in my book – FS 2004 works

        by falconeer ·

        In reply to I’d be interested…

        Sigh… BB went down …
        Now on a dialup @ 56kps but only realizing; try about the speed of an old A/D connect. Where you set the telephone receiver AND get about a 300 baud xmission rate.
        Listen, I spent hours & hours on the problems with MS 2004 simulator…
        Did all the thingies that MS suggested; but to no avail.
        Your suggestion worked. So, you ar re a genius in my book 
        Okay, now to the phase of Beta Testing:
        Although I?ve been viewing TechRepublic for sigh? centuries. I don?t remember if I actually joined in any discussions but found the whole site interesting.
        First: is there a private area in which I can send/receive pertinent information?
        There might be a commercial advantage IF there?s a hope of this old program (read… will be updated) note: can replicate for new technologies
        At any rate the program was received with ‘great’ interest by the VP of Networks

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        Concering Beta Test of Fox App

        by falconeer ·

        In reply to I’d be interested…

        Hello F.A.U.
        Waiting to a reply on where we can ‘meet’ in private.
        First I’d like to show you some screen shots with a brief explanation of what the program does.
        I’m also looking for the copy of ‘telephone’ data that was corrupted and would have cost the company I was working for ‘big bucks’ had the program not found the bad index.

        He, anyone out there have a DBIV database with corrupted index?

        Have a good day…

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      Flight Simulator

      by sid_kraft ·

      In reply to Beta Testers & MS Flight Simulator 2004 (NOT running)on XP Pro SP2

      Falconeer: I too have Flight Simulator 2006 Deluxe. Running on Intel P4 3Gig, WinXP Pro SP2, 3gig ram, 160gig hard disk, Radeon 9200SE video card. I thought it would screem! What a dog, so slow in refresh that the flights seem “jerky”. Also, had trouble with Radeon software, original drivers caused system to re-boot every time I tried to start Flight Sim, looking for help! Any ideas? Sid Kraft, see post regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.

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