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Beware Of the Bloggers!

By derryck1950 ·
Beware of the Blogers!

Definition: A person who shares his or her personal diary or journal Online!

The Internet-A Free Medium For Expression!

Gone are the days when if you had something to say of substance, or wanted to reach large volumes of readers, you had to purchase space in a newspaper, time on radio, or publish a book.

With the advent of The World Wide Web, all you need is an Internet connection, a computer & modem, and all of your wishes (almost), will be realized via this medium.

There was a time when I wanted to publish my Poetry, and the voluminous articles that I had written and accumulated over the years, but could not afford a periodical publication in the local press. Nor could I have imagined the possibility of reaching thousands, all in one go, or with the click on a button.

Today, this opportunity via the Internet has provided me with volumes of readers from all over the world. I have chatted and made friends hitherto impossible with Pen Pals or local postal mailing. The cost would have been too great. And the time for letters and responses takes too long, to move from person to person in the traditional fashion.

So I welcome The Web with open arms, and has been exploiting it to the best of my ability. But caution must be observed, Today there is so much information being disseminated via the Internet, that it is very difficult to ascertain "truth from fact." However, with experienced eyes, vigilant and analytic minds, one could in time decipher different types of propaganda, from objective reporting, to journalistic information.

Let us respect this medium, and be mindful of our fellows, all of whom have something to say at some time or another. Move on if we do not appreciate someone's opinion. Debate issues, welcome different opinions, and encourage participation at all times. And remember, even The Dull & Ignorant have a Role To Play in this Cosmic Drama!

Om Shanti.
Derryck S. Griffith.
Political Educator & Advocate.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Beware Of the Bloggers!

Your political training shone through there, lots of words no subtance and about as dramatic as watching paint dry.

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Back in the day

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Well

we had an expression for overly-verbose monologues that were 99.4% hot air -- content-free expression!

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I was only trying to help

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Back in the day

sho him how to post to a discussion group. If you don't actually say anything there's nothing to discuss except that it's hard to discuss nothing.

Unless you are a nihilist of course.

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Soap Box ! yuck - but go for it

by Murr In reply to Beware Of the Bloggers!

There was an interesting Article in 'Business Week' magazine this week talking about blogging and how it will change business. A good read for anyone wanting to know the business side of things.
As for being up on your political soap box, I found the above rant a little.... odd (with regards to style) But thats what Blogs are about -- letting anyone mouth off about anything!

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TechRepublic blogs are on the way

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Soap Box ! yuck - but go ...

We are currently wrapping up development on a blogging feature that will give every TR member their own blog (we'll add a "Blog" tab in your member profile). There will be more posted about this as we get closer to launch. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up since we are on the subject of blogs.

BTW, if you already have a blog on a different site like Blogger, you will be able to import your existing blog into your TR blog (as long as your current blog service gives you an RSS feed of your blog). This will allow you to still use your current blog service to post while allowing your posts to be shared with members on TR.


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New feature

by j.lupo In reply to TechRepublic blogs are on ...

This sounds really cool. I haven't been following Blogging, guess it is another area for me to start geering up for.

As to the discussion about blogs. I think they can be useful, but like anything else posted on the net or accessible through the net, people need to use best judgement. I know that when I cite internet sources, I like to find at least 5 other sources that reference that same source. Then I few more for those other 5. Then I try to find at least one in a respectable print - like IEEE Computer Society, etc.

I have used article from Tech Republic that seemd to be really good survey article in my school papers. I like getting the practitioner's side of things and not the "doctored" editorials of the news media. Maybe blog has its place and maybe not. We just have to wait and see how it ends up being used over time. :)

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