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Big brother 1984 Spam, Pish and Spim

By zlitocook ·
The book 1984 is so close now that we are now seen at alot of places we go. There are cameras at most city intersections and public places, some have audio and some have other devices like smell for bomb detection. Rfid is being used to help move and reorder products and is also being used see what has been sold. It also can see what has gone out the door of a store and where in a shopping center you go next. It was not hard to see where companys, evil hackers and the bad guys are going next. None of the products I listed are secure and with a Google search you can get to a camera, an unsecure store or just about any thing you want! I do not let any thing about me get out but what can you do about your bank, doctors office or your morgage company?
I work for a bank now and I am vary worried about my information. I was also contracted out to a large hospital and the lowest contractor had access to all the data on the server. We are data on servers and it looks like alot of people have access to our personal info.

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this is news?

by Jaqui In reply to Big brother 1984 Spam, Pi ...

I thought it was common knowledge.

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Watch out; big brother may be watching and......

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Big brother 1984 Spam, Pi ...

You could be struck down for impertinence.

Dawg :^O

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may be??

by Jaqui In reply to Watch out; big brother ma ...

he is!!

break out the tinfoil hats so the thought control devices in the lightbulbs don't get us.

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning. >Rich Cook

Bush is the living proof ( me )

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1984 revisited

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Big brother 1984 Spam, Pi ...

Anonymity is forever a thing of the past, but your truly personal information will soon be better protected, in my opinion. I think the privacy pendalum has gone as far as it can swing in the wrong direction, and is about to head back. Everybody is outraged about recent events, and already there are class action lawsuits against Choicepoint pending. Those who hold your confidential information are now on warning -- they might not understand the concept of confidential data stewardship, but they do understand the almight dollar!

Craig Herberg

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Sorry but this has

by zlitocook In reply to 1984 revisited

Happened before and the so called Government of our country has adopted the idea. Personal information is easy to get to and all you need is Google. If you think not try searching your name, your house address or your phone number. If that will not show any thing you are still not safe, if you register with any credit company your data become's easyly searchable. If you were in the service any time there is a way to look you up. I need a bigger foil hat:)

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