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Billing for travel time & evenings

By gavin ·
We are trying to decide how to formally bill our clinets when it comes to travel time and evening/weekend work.

Some of the questions 'm facing are:

- Should we bill for travel time from the office to reletively local clients or rom wherever the support person is leaving from to get to the clinet
- Should we bill by the KM, an if so, again, form where?
- Will clients be offended if I charge them for our travel time?
- What about evenings and weekends? What are others charging compared to their standard rates? Is 1.25 times the rate a normal thing?

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whatever you can get away with . . .

by xxx123 In reply to Billing for travel time & ...

I suppose if the client thinks you're valuable enough, you can bill for whatever you like. Some companies do get away with this but you need to know what your nearby competitors are doing. If you live in Toledo, Ohio and someone from San Francisco says they bill double-time on weekends, you could lose a client if another consultant in your area does not charge double.

With my company, we do not bill for travel time during the normal work week - - if we have to come in on the weekend or at night, I think we bill a half hour each way on top of the hours worked. We do not bill at a higher rate unless it's Christmas or something.

Whatever you do, make sure you've got a clear understanding with your client(preferably written) BEFORE you present the bill for overtime services!

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