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BizOpp: Gateway Migrations!

By wordworker ·
Gateway closes 188 stores and creates an opportunity, albeit with a short shelf life, for enterprising tech support entrepreneurs to help disenfranchised Gateway owners step right up and replace theold Gateway with a a nice new Dell!

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2,500 displaced workers - and an opportunity for them

by maxwell edison In reply to BizOpp: Gateway Migration ...

I would guess that many of the 2,500 laid off workers will be taking customer lists with them for a variety of reasons. Could this be a good (or great) opportunity for some of these store managers to turn this into an opportunity by simply taking over the lease on the existing space, and open an independent computer sales and service business. He or she would already have a location known to many people in the community, there would be an existing customers base, and nothing would have to be paid for it. What a great opportunity to hang your own shingle.

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by djent In reply to 2,500 displaced workers - ...

Why would anyone want to take over service for Gateway customers? First they bought the cheapest crap they could find and won't pay for decent hardware. Second why torture yourself servicing Gateway junk. Third you will only prop up and perpetuate Gateway by extending lifespan of cheap junk. Some things should just be left to die a natural death.

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Speaking for myself

by maxwell edison In reply to

If I were the manager of one of these Gateway stores and I suddenly found myself without a job because Gateway was closing the store, I would be faced with a choice. Personally speaking, I would ask myself, do I want to go find another job or, perhaps, it's time to branch out on my own.

I would see an empty space that is already retrofitted to sell and service computers, I would see a location that's already known to people in the community, and I would see a customer list of VERY dissatisfied customers with the product that Gateway sold them. This just might be a golden opportunity for some enterprising entrepreneur to see a need and fill it, not with Gateway products, but with "ACME" products - my own computer. I could build a computer that outperforms Gateway by leaps and bounds, and the price difference would be negligible. I would tell my customers that I've "seen the light", and I will no longer sell Yugos, but I now sell the "Lexus", the one I build and service myself. This is about as close as you can get to acquiring an existing business without having to "buy" the business.

In short, I wouldn't sell Gateway products; I'd compete with them and sell my own.

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by djent In reply to Speaking for myself

I aggree with most of your points. The problem is that YUGO buyers don't buy Chevys, Buicks or Lincolns. The Gateways have have paved the road to their own demise and the consumer expects to get a Lincoln for a Yugo price. After all whats wrong with a Celeron, intergated video and a 200 watt power supply, they can still login to ebay. What else could anyone possible want?

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